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Blogs - Edward L Winston - Economic collapse really is coming soon

Author: Edward L Winston (Show other entries)
Date: Sep 17, 2009 at 11:00

A Time article says it all.

Best selling author Douglas R. Casey says:
"We are facing the greatest depression in the history of the world."

This is exactly what the conspiracy theorists have been saying, and there have been depressions in the past, they could be correct on this one. I'm open to the idea that they might be.

Howard J. Ruff, in the same article says further:
"We will look back on 20% inflation with nostalgia."

This is another thing they've been saying. It's important to note that Casey and Ruff are not conspiracy theorists nor have they appeared on Alex Jones radio show (that I know of, but I doubt it).
Casey, 34, has advised audiences to leave their property in a basement safe in stead of a safe-deposit box or to speculate in the real estate of countries such as Chile and Colombia when, he says, political troubles have depressed land prices. "Buy when blood is running in the streets," he says.

That's exactly what's going on, so it's pretty convincing blood could be running in the streets.

Another Time article, published a year prior to the one above, has Casey telling us:
The message of Crisis Investing is simple. A depression of unprecedented magnitude will hit the world [...] because of excessive controls and distortions in the economy created by the U.S. Government. Says Casey: "This depression is going to make the 1930s look like a technical correction. This one is going to be a real doozy."

Now I'm getting nervous, this is what a lot of people have been talking about. And Neal Boortz has me on this one, considering Casey even says:
Gold will eventually hit at least $1,600 per oz.

So is it true?

In a couple of years could this all come to pass?

Apparently so, everyone's saying it, now Time is reporting it.

Oh wait, the articles are from 1980 and 1981? The predicted depression is set to begin in 1983?

Well I'll be dipped!

More proof that conspiracy theorists and some "economists" cycle the same garbage over and over again, and people at it up, over and over again. Casey was giving talks for $1,000 per person about the coming economic doom.

Thanks to an anonymous person who showed me these articles.,9171,954583,00.html,9171,949094-1,00.html

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