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Blogs - Edward L Winston - Post-industrialism? More like anarcho-primitivism!

Author: Edward L Winston (Show other entries)
Date: Sep 24, 2009 at 03:34

There are a lot of views on the future and the survival of the human race, they range from philosphies on free markets (such as anarcho-capitalism or minarchism), anarcho-socialism, communism, some kind of mixture, technocracy (where I rest in the debate), and then there's the ever popular anarcho-primitivism.

What's that you ask? Well it's the advocation that we more or less return to the hunter-gatherers we once where, or in some cases, basic agriculture. A web site pointed out to me on our Facebook group detailed how that was likely the only answer for humanity. Here's the discussion up to this point:

Edward, I'd like to hear your opinion of the featured article of this site:

... and this:

So I go and check it out and decide that I'm going to make my next blog post about it and don't say anything on the wall yet. In the mean time someone else beats me to it:
[FB] Terence
That last one (56) is a good article. It generally details most new-age and aliens claims as disinformation. Unfortunately, instead of crediting this to rebellious emotion, profiteering, trolling or general batshit insanity - they then credit THE ELITE with authorship. It's simply amazing, on the brink of dispensing an ounce of logic, it opts for a pound of more bullshit and, by its own article, can be referred to as "a disinformation conspiracy".

Its argument is its own undoing.

It's also quite interesting, many times the author is correct; we are ever in a struggle between the classes, a struggle that occurs on many levels, for very complicated reasons. The reasons used at any conflict are usually over-simplified, zeitgeist oversimplifies this, but so does this author, generally in the exact same way.

The author presents a good look at conspiracy rubbish, but from his own objective world view which is generally of the same flavour. Corporations and governments should never be trusted, but dispensing the majority of conspiracy claims well, but as a conspiracy in itself, just simply beggars belief.

The man is agonizingly one cent short of a dollar.

What more can I add? All I can point out is this gem:
[Article] "What I have determined is that civilization as a whole was a scam from the beginning, and the only logical path for humanity to take is to utterly abandon it and return to a hunter/gatherer lifestyle. Ultimately, this is going to happen whether you want it to or not, as there is no other way it can go, but if you understand that it will happen, and why it must happen, you are going to be psychologically, and perhaps even physically, prepared for the total collapse of the entirety of world civilization"

Look everybody, it's Tyler Durden!

It's important to note that prior to the agrarian revolution, when humans were hunter-gatherers, the infant mortality rate was absolutely tremendous, and life was insufferable hell. How do I know? Well, other than being an avid camper, it isn't hard to imagine that 15 being middle aged is pretty screwed up.

One thing I almost forgot, in order to be hunter-gatherers, the population of the Earth has to be much lower, and in fact at that point in human history it was about 1 million people, that's about 500 times smaller than the "ideal" the conspiracy theorists think the elite are striving for.

As for other articles on the site: Gaza genocide, Zionist conspiracies, the same stupid Henry Kissinger NWO bullshit, and so on.

Advocating hunter-gatherer as some how the best option we have is like saying vaccinations, pasteurization, and so forth were just useless and unneeded... oh wait, they are that stupid.

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