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Blogs - Edward L Winston - Anti-Vaccination hysteria and the danger to others

Author: Edward L Winston (Show other entries)
Date: Oct 22, 2009 at 02:05

I have a rather large article about vaccinations coming up, but it's taking time to research it all and make sure I cover everything. I constantly run across articles, books, and so forth that discuss countless cases where preventable diseases cause the death of children and others because of people who listen to Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, and Jenny McCarthy, rather than their know-it-all doctors.

Here's an interesting article from slate:

Take the time to read it, especially if you're on the fence about vaccinations. This paragraph really caught my attention:

In 2008 in San Diego, a 7-year-old boy whose parents refused vaccines contracted measles while on a family trip to Switzerland. Before realizing how sick he was, the boy went to school and infected four other kids at school, after having already infected his two siblings. He then infected four other children who happened to be in the waiting room at his pediatrician's office. Three of those children were too young to have received their MMR vaccines. One of those infants was hospitalized; another traveled on an airplane while infectious. This case is a sobering example of how one family's decision not to vaccinate their children has serious consequences for other children.

I constantly see people saying it's "their right" to go unvaccinated, while that's true, most of the people who type such erronously stupid statements were vaccinated as children themselves, in fact it's an almost certainy, I'd take odds like that in Vegas anyday. What they fail to realize is their ability to survive childhood was a result of vaccines. Of course I've seen people say that "medical advancements, but not vaccines, improved child life expantacy". I think my eye balls are going to fall out of their sockets from rolling so much.

Further, when it comes to highly successful vaccines like polio and small pox, I once saw a guy on a forum say that "at least 1,000 people died from the small pox vaccine during the program to wipe it out." I can't help but take a step back and wonder how little these people know about diseases like small pox. Small pox, a disease with a mortality rate of at least 30%, would have killed many more millions of people had it not been wiped out. There's a risk with any medical treatment, but the idea that costing millions of lives at the risk of a thousand for the permanent end to the small pox epidemic is fucking insane and asinine beyond belief.

Anyway, I have the vaccination article coming out sometime, and as soon as I get a hold of Alex Jones new movie Fall of the Republic I'll watch it and likely do a review of it assuming it's full of inaccuracies, but that remains to be seen.

On a side note, the reason I haven't had daily blog posts lately is because I've run out of daily things to talk about. By the way, check out our forums which are now in beta.