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Blogs - Edward L Winston - Infowars experts try to figure out plane crash into IRS building

Author: Edward L Winston (Show other entries)
Date: Feb 18, 2010 at 19:38

There's nothing like watching people who know nothing about engineering, psychology, sociology, and barely anything else for that matter, try to figure out why/how something happened and also try to reconcile it with their paranoid fantasies.

Let's watch...

A little violence:


Some legal advice:

Infowars has only the best engineers (what kind of moron thinks a more or less glass building is of the same strength as a hardened concrete building built to withstand an in-direct nuclear attack):


Predictions, next they'll add 8) Was flying a plane

Inline with the Alex Jones belief system that, "bad things never happen except when the NWO does something, otherwise the world would be a utopia":

(So far I haven't seen anyone say it was a drone or missile, but that's likely coming)

Prison Planet publishes article saying: Homeland Security Department Sees No Terror Tie in Plane Crash

But that hasn't stopped Infowarriors from believing that it was a false-flag terrorist attack, or claiming it was a terrorist attack to be used against the government, etc. So hard to reconcile faith and reason...

The great thing about being a conspiracy theorist is that anything anyone says you disagree with is disinformation and those who say it are simply disinformation agents working for some immortal cabal spending centuries working to do what people like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and so forth did in only a few years -- I guess they're just really bad at it.

Another great thing that comes to mind is how you can use anything, regardless of evidence, as proof of your conspiracy. This incident is a great example. No matter how the perpetrator acted, no matter what he believed, no matter what he said, even if he had suicide notes being dropped from the sky by his air plane, or if he personally spoke to every conspiracy theorist as to why he was going to do what he did... if you're a conspiracy theorist, all you have to say is "false-flag!" and you don't need to do any more work. No research, no foot work, no searching, no reading, no learning, no thinking, just say those two little words and it automatically becomes a part of the conspiracy.

I'd love to have an infallible belief system like that.

Couldn't exist without some anti-semitism:

Same guy, different article:

Not only engineers, but mathematicians as well:

If Alex Jones and friends can't come up with decent "evidence" that it was a false-flag attack, then they'll just blame SSIs/anti-depressants.

God, I'd love to have this kind of infallibility... did I mention that already?

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