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Blogs - Edward L Winston - Waste more time, help less people

Author: Edward L Winston (Show other entries)
Date: Aug 29, 2009 at 05:11

Just like the Zeitgeist Movement, the Alex Jones movement - or whatever they refer to themselves as - is just about as useless when it comes to actually doing anything, ever.

As I explained at the end of Zeitgeist: Addendum, the base platform of the entire movement is nothing but self-serving garbage and emotional masturbation.

The Alex Jones movement isn't that much different the video below is testament to that:

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In this video we see young men wasting their time to impress Alex Jones enough so maybe they can win $1,000. I'm not against winning money, obviously, but I'd bet Ameros to doughnuts they don't spend nearly as much time helping their communities - in fact I'd bet more that they never help their communities.

Of course, Alex Jones tells them that spreading the world helps people. Does it really?


Nobody gives a damn about stupid theories that the Federal Reserve is run by a secret cabal of Freemasons that meet anually at the Bohemian Grove to burn children.

They care that their gas costs a lot, that they have to worry about everything in their lives, that everything revolves around money.

Are my kids getting a good education?

Are they going to get gunned down at school?

Is my car going to break down?

Why is public transportation so crappy?

What if I get sick? What if my kids get sick? We can't pay for it.

I can't live on $7.50 per hour.

So on and so on.

Even if you somehow convince them that going back to the gold standard and getting rid of the federal government will cure all their ills and America will return to the heroic, capitalist utopia it never was - is still doesn't solve any of those problems above. Ever.

It also doesn't help to have some 16 year old kid telling you that you're sheeple because you've got more things to worry about than the Federal Reserve or who's farting in the UN right now.

I volunteer a lot, and when you actually help people, they'll actually listen. Jamming something down their throats and then calling them stupid if they don't believe you is one of the worst ways to gain a follower.