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Blogs - Edward L Winston - Zeitgeist page error fixed, shut up already

Author: Edward L Winston (Show other entries)
Date: Sep 08, 2009 at 03:59

Recently conspiracy theorists have been going off the wall, basically implying my entire site is a lie because some page numbers are wrong in my sourcing on Zeitgeist Part II. Let me explain the situation:

Originally when discussing whether or not Seven World Trade was mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report, I pointed to the following pages: 301, 310, 319, and 322 (twice).

Sky Hook on our Facebook group had pointed out these numbers are offset by 17 for the most part, however are slightly wrong. After a bit of investigation, we figured out that I had noted the PDF page numbers, not the page numbers used in the book inside the PDF.

Conspiracy theorists jumped on this, claiming that my references were all wrong and that I "simply made up page numbers", while claiming they had read the book as well and it wasn't in there.

Well, I finally updated to the literal page numbers, but I've also kept the PDF page numbers, and a note, so either way conspiracy theorists can shut the hell up about it.

The new page numbers are: 284, 293, 302, and 305 (twice), and I changed the source from a page with various 9/11 Comission Report documents, to a PDF of the actual document.

See, originally the only person to point it out was Sky Hook, and I figured since he didn't go nuts about it, nobody else would and I had it on my list to fix some other time. However I found out that on various forums people are using this as a way to discredit me, as if they can't find other things.

Now that it's starting to bleed over into the Facebook group, I went ahead and took the 2 minutes to verify the new page numbers and upload the new version of the article.

Thanks a lot for your help Sky Hook.