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Forum - Police Find Black Bag Containing Ammo Near Loughner's Home

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Agent MattPosted: Jan 13, 2011 - 14:52

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Police in Tucson have found a black bag containing ammunition near Jared Loughner's house and the FBI is analyzing it, according to local reports.

Investigators have been looking for the bag, which they say Loughner and his father fought over the morning of the shooting. According to police, Jared Loughner took it out of the trunk of his car and then argued with his father about it. When Jared drove away, his father reportedly tried to drive after him, but lost him.

A teenager walking his dog in the desert near the Loughners' home found the bag this morning and turned it over to investigators.

Police also say they believe Loughner spent the night before the shooting at a Motel 6.

Meanwhile, investigators have finished processing of the crime scene outside a Safeway supermarket and the store is expected to re-open soon.

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