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Forum - Brown Eyed Girls Video "Sixth Sense" How the Elite Controls Opposition

Shit! The Koreans are in on it too!

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Elm Nehmara Grand RapidsPosted: Oct 26, 2011 - 23:18

I don't deal well with shrillers

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Brown Eyed Girls' Video "Sixth Sense" or How the Elite Controls Opposition

Apparently the tentacles of the ELITE! are reaching around the globe and putting symbolism in shitty Asian pop music videos.

"The video of Sixth Sense from the very popular girl band Brown Eyed Girls, could not better portray the elite's control on media and entertainment. More than simply displaying Illuminati symbolism, the video presents the blueprint of how popular figures can be used to communicate a specific message using sex and music as an incentive. Each one of the group's members are shown in a different position of submission, each representing the different ways the elite controls entertainers to serve its interests. While Myrio, Narsha, Ga-In and Jea appear to be rebelling against an authoritative police state, they are, at the end of the day, controlled opposition, serving in the elite's Hegelian dialectic. Yes, all of these complex concepts are found in a K-Pop video intended for children and teenagers. Are they being warned or indoctrinated by the message of the video? Let's look at the symbolism of the video and the messages it communicates to the viewers."

"What exactly is the "Sixth Sense"? Judging by the lyrics of the song and the symbolism of the video, it is sexual energy - the most basic and primal of human instincts. It is the easiest way to capture and keep the attention of an audience and is used ad-nauseam in pop music to generate interest in otherwise insipid songs. Pretty girls can make things such as a fascist police-state cool. On an esoteric level, reproductive organs are part of the base chakra, which can explain why it is associated in the video with the lowest point of the sixth-pointed star. While the five other senses send information to the brain to be processed and analyzed, the carnal impulse in humans bypasses all of that and directly taps into our primal urges. For this reason, sexuality can be (successfully) used to sell anything, including music videos."

Again with the sex... note to Vigilant Citizen: SEX IS NOT BAD!!!

Miryo is shown standing in front of the luxurious palace of the Absolute. She is therefore "owned" by him and speaks for him (the double "S" on the palace stands for Sixth Sense). Miryo appears to be strong and confident but, upon closer look, we realized that she is actually tied down. She is forced to speak into microphones (representing the media) to transmit the message of the Absolute. This image represents the fact that artists are used as mouthpieces by the elite, who utilize their popularity and charisma to deliver messages. When Miryo signed that record contract to become a professional singer, she indeed became the property of the elite.

Also again with the Sex Kitten Programming™...

Narsha's character is very animalistic, sensually crawling around on four legs like a cat. She is wearing leopard-print shorts, which, as readers of this site know, represents Kitten/beta programming in mind control symbolism (see the article entitled Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control for more information regarding Mind Control). She is also surrounded by animal cages, which represent the dehumanization and captivity of mind control slaves at the hands of their handlers. Actual MK slaves are said to be often held in animal cages to cause trauma. Despite her forced state, Narsha appears to enjoy being watched, which is how Beta Kittens are programmed to act.

I'm actually starting to get a bit bored with this guy, he's basically saying the same shit over and over again, which proves that conspiracy theorists are the most unimaginative people. Either that or they are so paranoid that they think that their own imaginations are full of illuminati symbols so... they abstain from using their imaginations.
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emcadaPosted: Oct 27, 2011 - 02:01

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i don't know about you, but there are images with cops that have the star of david on their backs which clearly show how the Jews are the ones controlling everything.</sarcasm>

yeah i got up to the part where he babbles on about how miryo(?) represents the media. Didn't ever once occur to him that she could possibly be talking about trying to escape from the authoritarian government or how like everyone is forced to say and think whatever the leader tells them. But yea i totally agree with you: unoriginal and just a rehash of everything he's ever said. Come up with a new one already. Sex symbols aren't the only way to keep an audience. Just look at Michael Moore, Bill Maher, and Letterman. I'm sure that the only reason they keep their audience is because they're sex symbols.
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