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Forum - Mike Adams has advice for us all

5 things to survive economic plundering and collapse

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Wolf BirdPosted: Dec 06, 2011 - 17:37

I shoot you dead.

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CS Original

I particularly like this snippet: "Remember: If the food you eat comes in a box, your family and friends will eventually find YOU in a box, too." As if eating only organic, raw and non GMO food will make you live forever.

I also enjoy that he tells everyone how to be patriotic, when he's left the US because he's so terrified of tyranny!
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emcadaPosted: Dec 06, 2011 - 18:29

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I liked the part where he says to throw out our paper currency for practical things like a salt lamp that he
sells at his store. If paper currency is useless, then why are you asking for it Mike?
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