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Forum - Is The Zeitgeist Movement a cult part 2

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The Burger KingPosted: Jul 12, 2012 - 15:25

I can't stop posting pictures of poop, what the fuck is wrong with me?

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Well the title doesn't necessarily have to reflect what this topic is about. As we have discussed TZM cult status in the past. Rehashing TZM cult status as well as problematic things within TZM may be a good thing to discuss. As well as posting up new information one thinks needs presented.

Maybe look at another internet based cult group called Trumpet Call of God and possible compare/contrast. I have posted the most important information about that group on SP which includes cult criteria lists. Also Destinain is another internet based group one could compare and contrast with as well.


Topic about Trumpet Call of God as well as important information from a 55page thread on

Old Discussion if TZM is a cult

interesting blog written by Muertos that kind of pertains to this topic. title: The Conspiracy World Is Changing. Are You Ready For It?

Civil War in Utopia: My Thoughts on the Schism in the Zeitgeist Movement.

Desteni: A Conspiracy Cult. (UPDATED!)

TZM cult discussion on,97823,page=1
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Evil ElvisPosted: Jul 13, 2012 - 02:16


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TZM is not a cult, in my opinion, I have seen these people around and they lack any discipline and real conviction - mostly it is kids and, well, retards who smoke a lot of weed and babble about some weird communist/fascist commune. I think the weed finally got to them, they seem to be going away, I haven't heard a single mention of TZM in any media for over a year now.
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The Burger KingPosted: Jul 14, 2012 - 01:52

I can't stop posting pictures of poop, what the fuck is wrong with me?

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I'm still on the fence about groups on the internet being potential internet based cults mainly because there isn't enough academic evidence to support it as well as revised evaluation tools for evaluating such internet based groups needs to be implemented as well. However I will not fault anybody in labeling a group or in this matter TZM a cult on the internet.

I thought what Corboy said on was pretty interesting as well as accurate.

Corboy Wrote: Perhaps because the ZM forum was removed, the moderators who formerly ruled that roost no longer have an outlet for their puglistic energies unless they go to other discussion venues and try to behave as though they own and control the discussions on places not even owned by ZM.

It may be that ZM's action has shifted away from its website to local chapters and Facebook.

As far as TZM activitiy, I have heard a few people say that TZM is inactive when I visit TVP TS3 for the Q&A session with Fresco and Roxanne every Sunday. Apparently there own communication mediums are empty except some have said they have a lot of foreigners people from Mexico/SouthAmerica within TZM.


Before I get into some more information I'm about the TZM specifically when talking about the linguistics team I'd like to note that not many understand what this group does or how it operates. I haven't really explained much about it on SP even mainly because I never cared to as there mostly behind the scenes and you only really see them when they post there translated work online. In that it's safe to assume that darkdancer, nor Peter Joseph know how it really operates yet mainly Peter Joseph, and Darkdancer have control over it and fresco and Roxanne have little to no control over it. So for many on SP as well as TZM/TVP this will more than likely be a learning curve as I go and explain what exactly it is.

To add more information to this I will say that TZM has a linguistic team. The linguistic team from when I was involved with the open source project called pootle (pootle not made by TZM) is basically a massive translation project that TZM added development tools to that use to be open source towards outsiders at a time. A guy called Lukas (now apart of RBOSE) utilized the pootle software and the TZM user base to implement a massive translation team. The translation team objective is to translate all material about and or supporting a RBE. The pootle software addon's Lukas developed were simply brilliant and simple but creative I was impressed. Lukas had come up with ingenious methods for allowing multiple people to translate from English to another language in a more faster and efficient manner (something I needed for a product I had).

As of now these translation teams are ran by a guy called Gman (or Ray he's an American). I am familiar with Gman but most wouldn't know he was even involved with TZM unless you were involved with the pootle project in someway. Gman in my opinion pretends to the run the linguistic team under it's own entity separate from TZM and TVP however the fact of the matter is it's not. When TVP split occurred from TZM I believe the translation team wanted to make it look like it disassociate itself from TZM and therefore still have a foot in the door possibly with TVP. Gman although I think he has good intentions is basically commanded by Peter Joesph. the translation team still conducts it's meetings with TZM TS3 communication mediums as well as facebook again all under TZM. Even though Gman will not come out and admit this he's sort of a guy who will agree with both sides but secretly deep down he has picked a side already and will try to convince another in a very I'm a nice guy type of way why that side is good even when he pretends to be on both sides.

Another reason I say the Linguistics team is ran by Peter is because Gman who is the head of the TZm linguistic team never shows up to any of the TVP meetings as well someone has posted information that he was actually banned off TVP meetings. So instead of seeing Gman there I see a very nice person by the name of Vixi (speaks and reads fluent spanish but is from the UK) who is what i would define as a representative of the TZM linguistics team. Vixi is what I would define as a RBE hardcore believer, she always tries to recruit people to be developers and or translators. A lot of the people in the linguistics although are nice have a similar belief system about a RBE.

I sometimes log onto skype and see Vixi's Skype status saying, "My new years resolution is to translate all RBE related material" or "conventional economics is a form of brain damage".

Anyways TZM/TVP best recruiting tool is the linguistics team. Even though numbers have dwindled within TZM having the linguistics team separates TZM from other groups. They are a bunch of people who work for free, who believe in the RBE ideology who translate anything RBE related made by Peter Joseph (who gets first priority) and or Roxanne/Fresco from English into various languages. Although since there are no developers are working on the pootle software it has slowed the progress down in there translation to such an extent that they have to use third party software not with pootle not developed specifically for TZM within TZM, to help in translation as well as they have had to do more leg work.

The linguistic team structure is separated by language. So someone speaks Spanish well then they would be apart of the spanish translation team and therefore there is a leader who speaks spanish/english well in charge we ultimately reports to Gman. Same goes for people on polish translation team etc...

The linguistics team is the main recruiting tool of TZM/TVP nowadays and if you want to study any aspect of TZM/TVP this would be where the most devoted active followers are in. Not saying it's the only place but this is the place where I would point that is active, that is doing something that observers can easily see besides actually hanging out in TZM or TVP TS3 and or joining a chapter. It's the most sophisticated (although less efficient now do to lack of developers) group active within TZM and or TVP.

In my opinion TVP, TZM, and the linguistic groups/movements/projects all work together at least for the members via proxy of each other. You will often see people involved in TVP be people involved in TZM as well, and maybe even on the linguistic team (or just the linguistics team). Any site talking about a RBE is more than likely a proxy group to TZM/TVP.

Most sites I've seen criticizing TZM/TVP are in English therefore there is a portion of people who do not speak good English who may be basing there opinions entirely on the RBE translated material that's in there language without seeing any critical information from critics because that simply is not translated over by the linguistics team. Which is very rational if you want to show one point of view and only subject individuals to that one point of view which in return has a higher chance of recruiting them. Also consider that the majority of the people banned are native english speakers because most of the higherup's within TZM are English therefore none English speakers can pretty much say what they want and get away with it unlike native english speaker chapters.

More information on Linguistic team is below


Name:Linguistic Team (Jul 14 @7PM UTC) (5)
Topic:Mega - Team project combining the masterful efforts of the ZM English transcribers, English proofreaders, translators, translation proofreaders, Linguistic Tech Team and whatever else we might need to get the job done right.

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EdPosted: Jul 16, 2012 - 17:45

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Hi everyone, its been a long time since I posted here and I cant remember how to post a new topic here (because I am a failiure) but

I just got emaled this new thing, dont know if anyones noticed it yet here.

"Understanding The Zeitgeist Movement Critics..." An Essay by Peter Joseph

So many wrong things....
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