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Forum - TVP says TZM is a Threat to the Venus Project!

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The Burger KingPosted: Sep 15, 2013 - 20:10

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CS Original
In this lecture a TVper lists a series of threats that could hindered what TVP is doing. At that they listed TZM as a threat towards TVP, suggesting that TVP does not want to become a movement. As well as TVP says TZM is stealing materials, and spreading misinformation about RBE or RBEM.

Direct quote of what was said in video by power point lecturer.
"So far we have seen that other organizations have successfully damaged some of the integrity of the information provided by the venus project. By misusing the concept to serve their own interests. The process within any organization create the environment for that organization to follow initially create strategy to account for external pressures, which is not always the best option. TVP activism could easily become another so called movement (at 25:42 "creating another zeitgeist movement" pops up in slide) if we don't get our act straight. We ahev to be aware that this is just the beginning. As we grow more organizations will try to acquire information for their benefit do to the fact that their solutions do not differ from the current mindset."


Time stamp 25:17 when power point lecturer disses TZM.

Misuse of concepts
-creating another zeitgeist movement

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