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Blogs - Clock - A look back at Natural News' 20 Predictions for 2013

Author: Clock (Show other entries)
Date: Dec 03, 2013 at 12:04


By: Clock
At the beginning of this year, website Natural News made a list of predictions about what the year 2013 would look like. Well, it is December 1st, and I think that it is the right time to see if any of this is exact!

Now, Natural News have removed the article from their website, because, well, it's embarrassing. Luckily for us, Prison Planet copy pasted the article, so it is still up on the interwebs in some fashion.

As usual, the conspiracy quotes are in green and mine are in black.


2013 will be 1984 on steroids

-fail. Have they even read 1984?

#1) The global debt collapse arrives

-No it didn't. We had the fiscal cliff, but nothing really happened.

#2) Obama administration attempts to gut the Second Amendment

-Really? Is this why guns buyrates are at an all time high? That doesn't seem like gutting to me.

#3) Martial Law declared across America

-Never happened.

#4) Extreme shortages of guns, ammo, magazines as their barter value skyrockets

-No they didn't, the complete opposite happened, gun sales are a all time high.

#5) Tactical weapon strikes target Iran

-Never Happened. Actually, we struck a pretty good nuclear deal with them, which is good news.

#6) Massive false flag attack carried out in USA and blamed on patriots

-No false flag attack really happened, unless of course you count the Boston Marathon bombing, but that wasn't really a false flag attack, but Alex Jones and friends will believe anything is false flag anyway.

#7) DHS arms the TSA and begins insane abuses of Americans on roadway checkpoints

-False. Yes, the unions working at the TSA made a demand to be armed, but this order never really got into place.

#8) The rise of the Resistance: Secret resistance groups begin to form across America

-Where? Facebook groups?

#9) Attacks on the First Amendment accelerate as government seizes websites

-Never happened, I mean, Infowars is still up, right?

#10) The rise of violent rhetoric among the population as disagreements turn to threats

-Never happened. The worst thing that has happened so far are the tons of hate-mail.

#11) Global government makes its move

-Never happened. What's taking them so long anyway?

#12) Accelerated mainstream media attacks on patriots, preppers and veterans

-Never happened. Actually, CNN made an article about the idea of some prepping being reasonable.

#13) Disagreement with the government characterized a "mental disorder"

-False. Actually, Obama has stated in a speech that government disagreement and lack of 100% faith in government is totally reasonable.

#14) Continued rise in unemployment, food stamps, welfare as Obama accelerates deliberate destruction of U.S. economy

-False. Actually, Unemployment rates have decreased as of September 2013.

#15) Criminalization of preparedness activities as government outlaws ammo storage of private citizens

-Never happened

#16) Riots in the streets, followed by Martial Law

-Never Happened

#17) Deliberate food shortages used as a weapon of government control


#18) Weather becomes even more radicalized, with droughts, floods, freezes

-Kind of subjective, but in the 1970's you can say that the weather was extremely radical due to the fact there were many many tornadoes going on in that decade. However, this is kind of right considering what happened in the Philippines a couple of months ago.

#19) Solar weather gets nasty: Solar flares threaten communications, causing massive population collapse

-Yes, 2013 was a Solar Flare year, as NASA states in the following quote:
Increased numbers of flares are quite common at the moment, since the sun's normal 11-year activity cycle is ramping up toward solar maximum conditions. Humans have tracked this solar cycle continuously since it was discovered in 1843, and it is normal for there to be many flares a day during the sun's peak activity.

However, we are in 2014 right now, and nothing extraordinary of such magnitude happened. If I remember correctly, the only time solar flares had effect on my daily life was that it could cause some slight interference in radio signals. I believe that this was in July 2013, and yet here I am typing this statement in 2014 and the world is fine. Go figure.
It's amazing someone would want to make a prediction like this. It's almost as if they want shitty things to happen.

#20) You will be told the answer to all our problems is "MORE government!"

-Like I've stated before, Obama has said that if you do not have 100% trust in the government, then it is totally reasonable. Need I say more?


As we can see, this was another year of successful terrible predictions. It's amazing that people who run these websites keep on publishing these lists; all it does is further ruin their credibility as reliable news sources. You guys weren't right last year, what makes you think you'll be lucky this year?

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