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911 myths
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One of the best 9/11 conspiracy debunking resources
Alex Jones Sucks
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A fairly new blog against Alex Jones that details him and his misinformation. Similar to, but not as extensive as Leaving Alex Jonestown.
Among the Truthers
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A blog devoted to the analysis of conspiracy theories and the people who believe them.
It is run by Jonathan Kay author of:
Among the Truthers: A Journey Through America's Growing Conspiracist Underground

About his book:
These "9/11 Truthers" are not alone. They are part of a vast conspiracist subculture that is spreading like wildfire and beginning to influence mainstream politics. For two years, Canadian journalist Jonathan Kay has been researching the underground world of conspiracy theorists by immersing himself in their ranks. He has attended their conventions, infiltrated their Internet discussion boards, become a connoisseur of their propaganda videos, and engaged them in in-depth, revealing interviews. While many individual conspiracy theories seem harmless, even amusing, the phenomenon is doing real damage to the unity and health of North American society.
Conspiracies R Not Us
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Official blog run by the creators of the Facebook group "9/11 Conspiracy Theories are BS." Updated a few times a month. Although 9/11 is the subject discussed most often, there are also numerous posts on other conspiracy-related topics. The archives are particularly useful, for example, there is a series of posts from 2007 containing a point-by-point debunking of the notorious anti-Semitic conspiracy film "Ring of Power." Also some hilarious email exchanges with irate conspiracy theorists. Extremely sardonic in tone.
Contrail Science
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A site that thoroughly debunks chemtrail conspiracy theories.
Cosmic Variance
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A blog run by several scientists that discuss what's new in cosmology and physics.
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This is pretty much a one-stop shop for most debunking needs. Massive links database to virtually every woo subject under the sun.
False Zeitgeist
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A web site with a collection of videos and links related to debunking Zeitgeist.
Icke Exposed
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This U.K. based web site deals with the insane fantasy world of David Icke.
InFact Video
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Brian Dunning's InFact video series. They're basically condensed versions of some of his episodes of Skeptoid.
Is that a FEMA Camp?
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A website that is dedicated to debunk all of the areas and theories surrounding Fema Camps, that would contribute to the New World Order (at least that's what they say) The articles are written by The Locke, a debunker who also runs other debunking websites such as The Soap Box, Conspiracy Satire and Skeptic Wars.
James Randi Educational Foundation
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Lots of resources and a big forum, a $1 million challenge for the paranormal and pseudoscience, all kinds of great stuff for skeptics!
Leaving Alex Jonestown
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An awesome blog detailing far more about Alex Jones than we have.
Mark Roberts WTC Lies
Tags: 9/11 conspiracy, comprehensive, virtually infallible, Obi Wan Kenobi of debunkers [ Add Tags ]
A 9/11 debunking site loaded with links to primary sources, videos and articles. The truth movement's nightmare.
Masonic Info
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Web site that explains what Freemasonry is about and debunks many of the widely spread myths and conspiracy theories that have been around since the 19th Century.
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A wiki on skepticism. Includes many snarky but informative articles on topics of skeptical interest, including health and alternative medicine, the paranormal, prominent people in the skeptical movement, and conspiracy theories. RationalWiki also includes 'What is going on in the blog/clogosphere', where users can posts links to articles from reliable and fringe sources to be voted up or down. There's also a special 'What is going on' for Conservapedia, a fringe right wiki. There's also a news section.
Screw Loose Change
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The single best debunking blog on 9/11 and the 9/11 "Truth" movement, six years running. The blog is not limited to debunking the "Loose Change" films, but deals with all aspects of 9/11 denial. Also contains very useful links including a user's guide to the "Loose Change" film that debunks it literally line by line. Check out their links to affiliated blogs as well.
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A weekly science podcast dedicated to furthering knowledge by blasting away the widespread pseudosciences that infect popular culture.
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An awesome website that critically examines all manner of topics, often popular urban legends, ranging from conspiracies to health to general misconceptions.
Swallowing the Camel
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S.M. Elliott's (Leaving Alex Jonestown) other Blog.
"Examining hoaxes, scams, controversies, rumours, schemes, bizarre ideas, bogus products, disinformation, misinformation, impractical jokes, literary fraud, and anything else that smells bad."
The Kennedy Assassination (McAdams)
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A site created by political science professor John Mcadams that debunks nearly every JFK conspiracy claim.
The Skeptic's Dictionary
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A great site with entries organized by category and alphabet. Topics include just about everything of interest to skeptics...conspiracy theories, alternative medicine, the paranormal and more!
What's the Harm?
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Think believing in conspiracy theories, the paranormal, pseudoscience, alternative medicine and other forms of woo is harmless? Think again. This site contains numerous stories of people who were harmed by believing in some form of woo.