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Blogs - Edward L Winston - Anti-Semite Comedy Goldmine

Author: Edward L Winston (Show other entries)
Date: Sep 28, 2009 at 02:14

I just received a rather hilariously screwed up message on Facebook that I thought needed to be shared.


At first I wasn't sure what to say, so I settled with this:


So far she hasn't responded yet, but I think my reply was fairly clear.

The idea it would even matter that I'm Jewish shows an underlying anti-Semitism, it'd be like claiming you're not racist but constantly pointing out black people.

I can only laugh with an underlying nauseated feeling about this kind of absolutely retarded bullshit.

I'm not Jewish and I don't have anyone in my family tree which stretches back to prior when the Winston name was adopted for family use. The idea that the word for "stone" appearing in my name means I have Jewish ancestry would mean that anyone with "berg", "stein", "baum", or "witz" at the end of their name must have Jewish ancestry and completely ignores the fact that Norman, English, and Germanic names in general predate Judaism in Europe.

What's say the first person, 350 years ago, to use Winston in my family was Jewish, that would mean 17 generations ago I had "Jewish ancestry", and even the Nazis themselves required a family tree going back to 1750 join the SS, and I would have easily qualified - not that I'd join.

I see people like this on the JREF Forums a lot, basically the kind who say they're skeptical about the holocaust, or skeptical about the "official 9/11 story", and in reality they're anti-Semitic and/or conspiracy theorists.

I decided to block this person on Facebook, I don't feel like exchanging messages with such a complete shit bag of a human being.

It's weird, it both makes me laugh and makes me sick.

I get asked the .gov and bible question a lot, it's in my FAQ, I guess this dipshit really didn't read anything on my site other than my About page where I mention I'm not Jewish.

Alex Jones has a lot of people getting on his ass for being married to a woman with Jewish ancestry, and I guess it goes to show that when you can't defend your conspiracy theories or theories in general, you can just break down and accuse those you don't like of being Jewish or bring up their family members. For the record, my wife isn't Jewish either, her ancestry is French.