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Blogs - Edward L Winston - How Alex Jones sees public policy

Author: Edward L Winston (Show other entries)
Date: Nov 08, 2009 at 00:29

I often hear Alex Jones and others (such as his friend Jesse Ventura) talking about how politicians interact with each other and for the cameras. Their belief seems to be that because they're polite to one another that therefore must mean that they aren't really enemies, but rather working behind the scenes to do evil.

Just because international or even national policy summits don't look like this:


Doesn't mean they're working secretely to dominate the world. To put it in terms that would make more sense to most conspiracy theorists: when is the last time you saw Ron Paul or Peter Joseph spitting on, shoving, or screaming at people from a few inches away when they disagree? I'd be hard pressed to find anyone who thinks that Ron Paul is in on the NWO as well, but apparently him having some level of manners must mean he is.