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Blogs - Clock - Debunking Alex Jones' newest video, "What The NWO doesn't want you to know"

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Date: Mar 09, 2013 at 14:44

It's debunking time once again.

In the beginning of this video, Alex says some very true things, about the the earth and the universe, and how much humanity is capable of creating and doing things. It is actually very made, good job on Alex and his editing team. It all goes well until the 4:00 minute mark in the video above, when he mentions "The Globalists".

As I often say, before you start talking about the NWO or Globalists theory, you need to prove a correlation between the Governments, the industries and the media. If you cannot, then that automatically debunks the whole NWO thing. A good article ( discusses this here. It is well worth a read, and lays the smack down on the theory.

Alex Jones: The entire development of these systems [technology] are in the hands of The Globalists, super predators, who have a lustful disdain, and hate for humanity.

Why do they have a hate for humanity? They are humans themselves, and if they want to kill off to kill off half of humanity (or all of it, while you're at it), what's the point? Then, there will be nothing to run and nothing to do. This line is also very silly, it sounds like they are talking about the evil empire in the Star Wars movies.

Alex Jones: Globalists and social engineers talk about the total population like we are animals, and our main use is to be manipulated

-Nothing to say here. This is Alex's typical line of paranoia and opinion

Alex Jones: be controlled, to be tested upon,

If they did not give a damn about us why would they bother testing us? Besides, most scientists test their experiments with rats or mice. If you see in this link, ( the journalists write that the first tests on the rats were successful. They would not test on humans. In an article by the Telegraph, ( they state that testing on lab rats is still the best way to determine to cure or the cause of a disease. Not only that but they are reliable and cheap. Plus, since they have similar genetics as us, humans.

Alex Jones: Foster children have been used to be tested upon by the US Military for the past 60 years

-The only case of humans being tested upon was during the cold war, in St. Louis/ Texas. However, this has been debunked here:
The whole "for more than 60 years" line lacks evidence and is false. He does not even bother to give us examples of children used for testing.

Alex Jones: I'm asking humanity to realize that a very small group, of inbred, unhappy, twisted and wicked people, have seized control of human development, and are attempting to establish a total control system of technocratic surveillance systems and de-humanization. It is now that we must begin to struggle against their bureaucracy. Fighting their 1984 system, with liberty and enlightenment and truth, until the levers of technological development, are leveraged from the hands of the globalists. Humanity has a very dark future.

-Technically we all have control of human development. If you look up human development on google, you get this wikipedia page: ( Sex is human development, it is not only something the "ultra mean globalists" have. And if he is talking about alternating a human gene and cloning it, well think again. Many countries are banning genetic human testing and cloning,( so this entire statement is false and plain feermongering.

Alex Jones: The real threats facing humanity are not the fake environmental threats that Al Gore and the UN talk about.

-Extremely debatable

Alex Jones: There are unchecked, cross-species genetic engineering. Tens of thousands of biotech companies, universities and governments, randomly splicing viruses, bacteria from plants and animals and then injecting them into other animals, which is already giving a rise to mutated viruses and bacteria and irrevocable vandalization of the genetic code of the planet.

-Although he is right here, it is taken entirely out of context. Mutated virus are created by mistake, in which there is not enough protein in the gene of the substance. If there is a mistake in the mutation, it cannot give any offspring, and if a DNA system is broken, it can be fixed using the DNA Repair system in order to prevent mutation. Although mutations can be problematic, they have lots of benifits as well: for ecample a cell named CCR5 can help delay the AIDS disease from having an effect your body, and people who naturally have mutations in their body can help fight very harmful diseases, such as the mutation CCR5-Δ32 help the human body to be immune from the Bubonic Plague. "...Mutation may enable the mutant organism to withstand particular environmental stresses better than wild-type organisms, or reproduce more quickly. In these cases a mutation will tend to become more common in a population through natural selection."-wkipedia Also, Mutations are not unchecked, I am not sure where Alex got that from. They are obviously checked if they know it can cause cancer, as seen in the wikipedia article below.

Alex Jones: High tech chemical and most importantly biological weapons development, unchecked nanotech,

-Unchecked Nanotech is pure fiction. This technology is always checked, and some of the problems that conspiracy theorists say about it ( are just plain false.

Alex Jones: the artificial creation of black holes,

-Alex pulled that out of his @ss. This is what a physicist has to say about it:

"Not with any current, or remotely feasible technology. The method in use by the universe today; get several Suns worth of mass into a big pile and wait, is a pretty effective way to create black holes.
In theory, all you need to do to create an artificial black hole (a "black faux"?) is to get a large amount of energy and matter into a very small volume. The easiest method would probably be to use some kind of massive, super-duper-accelerators. The problem is that black holes are dense, and the smaller and less massive they are the denser they need to be."

Although I see where Alex saw his info about the 2 phycists in china creating a black hole, this is actually what their experiment was about:

"after a related paper was published by researchers at Purdue University, Indiana. The paper proposed a device that could mimic the properties of a black hole in space, causing space-time in the surrounding area to bend and warp and spiral inwards toward the center of the black hole. But unlike a cosmic black hole, this one (hopefully) won't rip us apart."

It mimics the properties of a black hole, the machine does not create a cosmetic black hole.

Alex Jones: any matter weapons of the air force, who admits they developed a new viral vaccine that re-engineers the brain by attacking certain gangly i systems in which you could no longer feel emotions.

This is false, a pure fabrication. It you can't find it on google, where can you?

Alex Jones: ...and in the incoming years they are going to override every major life form on this planet without asking you.

Once again this is false, there are many groups that are against human cloning, again, look at the list of countries who refuse human testing.

Alex Jones: That's a trillion times what Monsanto does planting your crops next to yours, and they come and charge in on your property and charge copyright infringement when they polluted your property.

Gmos debunked here:

And then... Alex goes on another well spoken about how unethical it is to do all of these transformations. He still says his typical BS of "NWO are trying to distract you" but Alex is actually being a well spoken person in this, and I must say that he is doing a good job. It's really a shame that Alex Jones is a Conspiracy Theorist, as he is pretty well spoken when he is not yelling and screaming like an ape. But then, he goes back to the whole wake up message, which is dumb.

At one point he talks about those times when scientists say the planet would be better off without us. Alex says that is a plan by the NWO to make humanity seem as a disease. And honestly? The Scientists who say so are right in a sense. Michael Crichton once wrote in The Lost World that humans are so destructive, that is so easy for us to manipulate things that we are somewhat like a disease on the earth, and we abuse its resources to hell. And to be fair? we sort of do. Would Climate Change be an issue if we were not extracting oils from tar pits or decomposed fossils? Would have less floods and landslides if we did not cut as many forests down? Alex takes these quotes by scientists way out of context. However, these claims by both Alex and the Scientists should not be taken seriously. They are merely statements and observations of how the human being acts. Nothing more, nothing less.

He says that they are openly planning to release biological weapons in order to kill us all, which is false as the US, UK and Russia banned the developement of stockipiling bio weapons, and they is also a lack of proof that the other countries will launch all of them on us to kill us all.

More rambling on trying to dumb us down. Yawn.

And.. he talks about that for the rest of the vid. I hope you enjoyed this debunking. And now, I will take a nice shower, this guy is giving me a headache!