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Blogs - Edward L Winston - Jones' big announcement: Fake interview with the president

Author: Edward L Winston (Show other entries)
Date: Sep 08, 2009 at 20:54

Updates: See the end of this article on page 2 for updates.

The links to the articles for the big announcement are below:

Basically the first article deals with an "interview" between Charlie Sheen and President Barack Obama about the events of 9/11. It all seems pretty interesting, but there's a reason you haven't heard about such an interview yet, it's because of this line, at the very bottom of the interview:
Author's Note:  What you have just read didn't actually happen... yet.

Yes, the interview hasn't happened yet, but if you read the comments, many people think it's real. In Alex Jones radio show I was listening to, he implies that the interview is real and is a big deal.

It's completely fake! It's Truther fan-fiction!


In the second article, it's discussed how Sheen will be on Alex Jones' radio show, and also how Sheen exclusively released the "interview" to Prison Planet members. On Alex Jones radio show, Jones stated that "[Sheen] could have released this to the mass media but he wanted to keep the context correct", that's paraphrasing, but it was more or less said that way.

A lot of the comments in the post were either of disappointment that the interview was fake; calls to get over it; or statements saying that the fake interview looks bad.

I think I agree that the fake interview looks bad, because if it does indeed go viral as some members of Prison Planet are predicting, and it comes out it was fake, it will make Sheen look like a complete jackass.

I hate to break it to Prison Planet members and the Truth Movement, but most people do trust the mass media, even though you tell them not to, the truth movement is not the majority. If MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, HLN, etc decides to say Charlie Sheen is an asshole, most of America will agree with them. If you don't like that view, well that's too bad, but it's seriously the way it is.

Here are some comments that I liked:

From first article:

A lot of people seem to be quite upset about Jones and Sheen's move today:

Nothing brings the hammer of the president faster than a fake interview:

As I said, Jones implies it's real on his show, it seems as though he's doing it on the site to a certin extent:

Regardless of all of the comments that do say it's fake, there are still ones that say it's real, and the linked articles on Digg and Reddit still imply it's real and many people still believe so. Here's a comment from about half-way into the comments of the first article, clearly showing they did not read any of the other comments, like I'm sure most people won't:

Comments go on to talk about how brave Sheen is, as if creating a fake interview takes big cojones. Though of course, you see people saying "he could ruin his career", but I think he wouldn't done that a long time ago when he came out as a truther. You know, when he was JAQing off.

(JAQ = Just Asking Questions)

In the "interview", Sheen says he voted for Obama, and now he wants his hope and change, but really when it comes to conspiracy theorists, the only thing they want is for their version of "truth" be real regardless of how many facts speak against it.

Several people claim that their posts saying it's fake are getting deleted, though it doesn't say on which site it is, or which article:



From second article:

My feelings exactly:

Again, more people claiming their comments being deleted:

A lot of posts talk about how the disclaimer was added some time after it was originally posted:

Again, similar story:

And a great question I want an answer to; why if Obama is a puppet (as said in the Obama Deception) would interviewing him mean anything at all?:


Based on everything said, it seems the original article went up on Prison Planet and Infowars with no disclaimer, then the disclaimer was added to the Prison Planet article sometime after 7:10 AM CST, however it wasn't added to the Infowars article until much later.

If you look at the Infowars interview, the comments say nothing about the disclaimer, and until around 9:19 AM (two hours after the change on Prison Planet) when the first comment mentions it, they still think it's real:


It's clear Jones was being sneaky here. There are apologists though, who say it's OK to lie to all of his fans in order to get the interview circulating, but I think it really goes to show how below the belt the leaders of the Truth Movement will hit in order to get their way - something they constantly criticize others for doing.

See the next page for more featured comments.

If you haven't read page one of this article, go back and read it. This page is featured comments that I enjoyed from Prison Planet relating to the two articles.

From the first article detailing the interview:

If Jones didn't see this coming, he really needs to take a step back and realize that his movement is entireally based on trust, and if his followers don't trust him, then he won't make any money anymore:
faj-1 sheen-0003

You are all too right:
faj-1 sheen-0004

As I've shown, originally the disclaimer wasn't included, and it wasn't included on Infowars until two hours after it was added on Prison Planet:
faj-1 sheen-0006

It's OK to lie, so long as Alex Jones is the one lying:
faj-1 sheen-0007

Some people were wise enough to realize it was fake:
faj-1 sheen-0008

Again, more people saying the disclaimer did not appear until later:
faj-1 sheen-0009

More people think it's OK to lie so long as Jones is the one lying:
faj-1 sheen-0010

From the second article detailing the fact Sheen is going to try to get an interview with the president, as well as when Sheen will be on Jones' radio show:

This may tear the community apart:
faj-2 sheen-0001

Similar story in the second article about the authenticity of the interview:
faj-2 sheen-0002

It's OK if Jones lies because it's all a big trick and he'll come to the rescue, just you wait and see!
faj-2 sheen-0006

A bit more of a harsh way to put it, but good none the less:
faj-2 sheen-0009

The disclaimer is at the very bottom of the Interview in subtext, and I'm not the only one who even sees this as sneaky:
faj-2 sheen-0007

Distrust might become more common place in future "announcements" from Jones:
faj-2 sheen-0008

In the end, hopes dashed against the rocks:
faj-2 sheen-0011

There were many other comments worth posting, but I didn't want to waste too much bandwidth. I wanted to save this incase it disappears in the future, because Jones has done that in the past with articles that made him look bad (like the DTV camera thing).

Spread the word and show how full of it Jones really is.


Above Top Secret (a conspiracy site) has a backup of the original Infowars article before the disclaimer went up and they deleted comments that pointed out the interview was fake:

There are also reports of critical comments in the articles being deleted. I looked into this, and it's true, in fact some of the comments in this very blog post are no longer on the Prison Planet or Infowars articles.

Alex champions freedom but when it works against him he shuts it down!

P.S. I'll be updating this post as things progress, I won't be making a blog post tomorrow morning, check this post instead.

Updates 2:

Apparently in order to control more, you know, do what Jones claims he's fighting against, Prison Planet has disabled comments on a boatload of posts, here are just a few:

Also the same seems to be happening over at Infowars

Updates 3:

Apparently some Infowars members are blaming the initial lack of a disclaimer on WordPress:

<div class="article-quote">[Prison Planet Forums] "Way less than three hours actually... it was up on infowars within 45 minutes after the first posting... I explained this before, one of the problems with WordPress when you are posting an extremely long piece of text, it must go up in short snippets during high traffic times, or it jumbles/stumbles/crashes the system... this article is 16 pages long and had to be up on both websites by 9 AM Central Time."</div>

It's pretty interesting that one line didn't make it up, but everything else showed up just fine. This also doesn't explain why comments were getting deleted that said it was fake before the disclaimer was up on Infowars. It also doesn't explain why many comments are gone now, and why comments are disabled on many recent Infowars and Prison Planet articles.

They must be using a version of WordPress I'm not familiar with. I didn't realize MySQL queries that update a single field did it in snippets during "high traffic times".

Updates 4:

Apparently on his radio show, and I missed this, Jones claimed that the comments were being closed down because of the load on the servers. I guess I could believe that, but it still doesn't explain why comments critical of Alex have been deleted, I guess his definition of "closed down" must imply removing criticism as well.

As I said earlier on his show Jones always implied the interview was real, here's even another listeners commentary on that fact:

[ ATS Forums ] Since starting the show, I don't think he once said that the 20 minute interview was a complete fabrication and it never happened. People who want proof that Alex Jones is a complete fraud and sensationalist, they need to look no further than this pathetic excuse of journalism. Unless he comes up with something completely miraculous in the next week with this thing, I can honestly say, I will never listen to his show again, nor will I even read his website, because it's looking like he just debunked himself.

Interesting stuff indeed!

Updates 5:

As of 2 PM CST today comments are still turned off on both Prison Planet and Infowars, I imagine Alex Jones is waiting for things to die down a bit before turning them back on.

Some members on the Prison Planet forums seem to believe that if that making fan-fiction interviews with the President and Charlie Sheen makes the Main Stream Media look bad, not them. I'm not sure how that makes any sense.

LA Times covers the idiocy:

US News does the same:

AP reports that some news outlets reported it as true initially, and to me that pretty much debunks their 7 WTC "reporting" evidence, considering if the news can't get something like this right, how would they be involved in a big conspiracy? Isn't it more logical one wrong report was issued and everyone ran with it? Yes:

Addressing my earlier comment about how illogical it was to blame WordPress for a single line:

[ Prison Planet Forums ] Alex is now saying that this is all the fault of Wordpress. Come again?

1) They could post 16 pages of text but couldn't post a single line of disclaimer at the beginning of it?

2) Alex is constantly bragging about how he delivers terrabytes of data and how he has a CDN and yet he can't deliver comments and images on his site?!?

Does Alex think that we're that stupid? The guy's a liar and can't come clean.

On that same thread you can see a lot of posts with very big fans (1,000+ posts per person) talking about losing faith in Jones and the movement about of this.

Most interestingly, having to disable WordPress comments and delete critical ones, doesn't explain how WordPress would be too much of a strain, but the Forums on his site wouldn't be, and they're still not disabled, and use far more bandwidth and database queries than WordPress.

In any case the apologists are still well on hand:

[ Prison Planet Forums ] lol grow up kid, there is a difference between lies and irony/satire. Charlie Sheen did not tell lies, he used an ironic perspective to tell the truth. Read some political texts from famous writers of the last centuries (including the 20th), this is a writing technique used all over the place.

Ever notice people who call people "kid" are often kids themselves and know jack shit about what they're saying? I guess it's a way to make fun of someone without providing real information. I get called a kid a lot by high school students on forums who say they can debunk me, but haven't at all - ever.

In response to the above another user said:

[ Prison Planet Forums ] You should GROW UP!

The problem is NOT Charlie Sheen's article, the problem is that Alex Jones LEAD US ALL to believe that it was REAL!

1) Alex Jones hyped this for weeks!!!
3) Spent 90 minutes of his show without telling his listeners that the "interview" never happened!

That, my friend, are lies and deceptions of the highest order!

Those are the two general views within the Alex Jones movement right now it seems. Maybe this will tear them all apart.