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Forum - Zeitgeist is not a conspiracy cult! But 9/11 and 7/7 were inside jobs!

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MuertosPosted: Mar 14, 2011 - 18:14

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Yet another "debate" on Twitter between myself and someone else who turned out to be a textbook example of a Zeitgeist cultist.

This exchange began when he @ replied ME, presumably in response to my video I posted on Saturday.

Sambarnet: The fact that you call it a conspiracy movement shows that you do not know what it is about. Read up! #RBE #TheVenusProject

Muertos: I have examined many of these conspiracies, as well as the tenets of the #Zeitgeist ideology. It's a cult.

Sambarnet: Have you examined the basis for any of these theories? Or have you put them in the conspiracy box? And btw who's recruited you?

Muertos: No one has "recruited" me. I have something of an aversion to conspiracy theories and cults, and #Zeitgeist is the worst of both.

Sambarnet: just to clarify, I have no 'leader'. I don't follow a political party. I follow my own logic, and that logic agrees with #RBE+#TVP
Sambarnet: you have these two definitions, 'conspiracy' and 'cult' that you have branded #TZM as. You believe that is fair? Not ignorant?

Muertos: It's fair because that's the conclusion the facts lead to. Its a fanatical movement based on a deeply conspiratorial worldview.

Sambarnet: the idea being promoted by #TZM is a 'Resource Based Economy' #RBE. It is based on equality compassion and efficiency. No cult.
Sambarnet: I think ur energy would b better spent criticising those who destroy the world, rather than those trying to find sol'ns #TZP #RBE
Sambarnet: 'conspiratorial'? The facts lead to a logical conclusion that our current system is completely unsustainable. No conspiracy. #RBE
Sambarnet: How about Jacques #Fresco? Do you dispute his logic? You think as a race we can carry on indefinitely as we are now? #TZM #RBE #TVP

Muertos: Yes, I do dispute Jacque Fresco's "logic." High modernist delusion that will lead to violence and oppression if implemented.
Muertos: Your leaders are conspiracy theorists. Joseph is a 9/11 Truther, Fresco believes in the Illuminati. #TZM #TVP #RBE

Sambarnet: You're not listening to me, or purposely attempting to provoke me. I have no 'leader'. I DO, however, have open mind. Try it. #TZM

Muertos: Implementation of Venus Project ideology will lead to violence. Authoritarianism is inherent: #TZM #TVP

Sambarnet: Oh no not violence! We can't have violence mess up our clean peaceful planet! Seriously, look around. Capitalism has failed us all.

Muertos: Why do you assume that, since I don't support your ideology, I must be "working for" someone? Who do you think I work for?

Sambarnet: Since you seem to have a baseless vendetta against a group of people with nothing but good intentions towards the world. #TZM #RBE

Muertos: I'm not so certain the intentions of the leaders of #TZM are so pure. Neither Merola nor Fresco seem trustworthy to me.

Sambarnet: Why do u not trust them? I'm a pessimist and I have seen no reason to question their intentions+their ideas r ethical+logical #RBE

Muertos: Is lying to people in a conspiracy propaganda film (Merola) ethical? Is joining the KKK (Fresco) ethical?

Sambarnet: Watch/read the #Nobel Prize acceptance speech of Harold Pinter. Search on Google there's video and a transcript. Conspiracy is real
Sambarnet: Tell me how he has lied. I read that he joined KKK and turned many of the members against it before being kicked out.
Sambarnet: Can I also just ask, you seem to have a hatred for anything 'conspiracy'. Do you believe the world's leaders are honest with us?

Muertos: Long list of lies, errors and distortions in #Zeitgeist is here:<br /> Muertos: Disbelieving conspiracy theories does not require automatic belief in the honesty of the world's leaders. Different concepts.

Sambarnet: I'll have a look. Still, years of reading books and websites, Zeitgeist is the only thing that has given me any hope for mankind.
Sambarnet: Not really. Conspiracies imply truths which are known and concealed by the establishment. I am convinced of truth behind many.

Muertos: Just curious, do you believe that 9/11 was an "inside job"?

Sambarnet: I am totally convinced that a passenger plane did not hit the Pentagon, so I have to wonder where those passengers went... #911
Sambarnet: #CNN's Jamie McIntyre - "From my close-up inspection, there is no evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the Pentagon."

Muertos: So you have illustrated the close relationship between conspiracy theories and the #Zeitgeist movement, one of my key assertions.

Sambarnet: I have followed and analysed conspiracy theories for nearly fifteen years. I have been interested in Zeitgeist for six months. No.
Sambarnet: I believe that there are massive numbers of people in this world, more intelligent than you or I, who believe in 'conspiracies'.

Muertos: If you've followed conspiracy theories for 15 yrs, I'm surprised you haven't realized that "no plane at the Pentagon" is a crock.

Sambarnet: The moment I heard about those planes I knew it was bullshit. History is full of well documented 'false flag' attacks. Deny history

Muertos: So you are the #Zeitgeist Movement's core demographic: a conspiracy theorist and 9/11 Truther. Again, proves my point.

Sambarnet: And what, my friend are you? A skeptic? A critic? I'd rather have hope for humanity than skepticism. It hasn't been easy to find.

Muertos: Ah, but what makes you assume that because I won't submit to #Zeitgeist ideology that means I have no hope for humanity?

Sambarnet: You hold two definitions-words, tightly; conspiracy and cult, and you place anything which questions today under them and dismiss..
Sambarnet: I assume then, since you blast anything unfamiliar with inadequate definitions, that you hold the current system in high regard?
Sambarnet: You'll love this: I believe there is something very dodgy about the London 'terror' attacks...if I was willing to die 2 fuck Lndn..
Sambarnet: ..I'd do it better than those dumb fucks! They 'chose' the most useless targets poss. Justified war. Played into Blair's hands-FAIL

Muertos: When did I ever say I hold the "system" in high regard? Not so. Much needs fixing, but #TheVenusProject will make things worse.

Sambarnet: So you keep saying. So far you have elaborated on this with one word - authoritarianism. I believe we already live in that state...

Muertos: Delightful. You're not only a 9/11 denier, but a 7/7 truther as well. Proof positive that #Zeitgeist recruits tinfoil hatters.
Muertos: It's been delightful debating you, but I shall continue to expose the #Zeitgeist & #VenusProject conspiracy cult for what it is.

So there you have it. Zeitgeist is not a conspiracy cult! Except for, you know, all those conspiracy theories they believe in.

Carry on.

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Wolf BirdPosted: Mar 14, 2011 - 18:24

I shoot you dead.

Level: 9
CS Original

Wow! In a simple conversation of 140 characters per message max, he does do most of the textbook TZM tropes. Assumes you're working for someone, assumes that because you don't agree with him you think everything in the world is hunky dory, says he has no leaders (then believes the conspiracies, believes the current system is! I'm so glad you didn't ask him for his opinion on charity. I'm sure he'd say it's pointless, patchwork, band-aid fix, etc., and he probably thinks the movies aren't the movement. I'd also bet that he wants society to collapse just to prove he's right. I'm so glad that these people are rare in the real world.

Glad to see you back at least a bit, Muertos. I don't know how you do it. :)

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MuertosPosted: Mar 14, 2011 - 18:30

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You should see his profile pic. The pink hair reminds me of Dr. Babs the space beamer. What is it with conspiracy nuts and their pink hair?

Thanks. I'm around a little more often, but still probably won't be posting as much as I used to.

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Wolf BirdPosted: Mar 14, 2011 - 18:31

I shoot you dead.

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CS Original

I don't want to see his twitter or facebook, because I know my head will explode in rage. Zeitgeist is the contemporary form of the hippie movement from the 60s. So glad ZDay was basically meaningless (again) in the grand scheme of things.

Boy, I just noticed something. He says he (and TZM) have good intentions towards the world. If that is true, why do they spread collapse shit?

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MuertosPosted: Mar 14, 2011 - 18:41

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The hippie movement of the 60s was far more consequential than the Zeitgeist Movement will ever be. That's not saying that the hippie movement was particularly powerful--it wasn't--but at least you see mentions of it in history books now and again. When TZM finally fizzles out it will be totally forgotten.

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Wolf BirdPosted: Mar 14, 2011 - 18:41

I shoot you dead.

Level: 9
CS Original

I can't wait for it to fizzle out.

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EzPosted: Mar 14, 2011 - 19:18

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CS Original

He denies he's a conspiracy theorist, yet confirms it in the space of a conversation.

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Wolf BirdPosted: Mar 14, 2011 - 19:19

I shoot you dead.

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CS Original

It's because the CTs are DA TWOOF!

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EzPosted: Mar 14, 2011 - 19:22

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The skeptics are the true conspiracy theorists!

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