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Forum - Zeitgeist is not about conspiracy theories! But WTC7 was pulled!!!!

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MuertosPosted: Mar 28, 2011 - 16:27

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Yet another revealing argument on Twitter. I'm getting pretty good at these.

As with the last one, the Zeitgeister ( contacted me specifically to argue. Lulz toward the end especially.

GlobalSatori: please define cult? Or is that a name calling, baseless attack? #tzm

Muertos: A cult is a fringe group with a rigid ideology that seeks to indoctrinate its members with a specific ideology... [cont'd] ......and motivate action toward specific goals in service of that ideology. They also tend to be highly authoritarian.

GlobalSatori: that definition of cult more accurately describes the money-market economic system than it does #tzm

Muertos: Ah! This is the part where you try to turn every criticism of #TZM into an attack on "the money system." Knew that was coming.

Global Satori: calling #tzm a cult is ignoring the actual issues and shooting the messenger. This is not constructive debate.

Muertos: Then why did you choose to debate me? You @'ed me specifically to refute the "cult" charge. Can't have it both ways.

GlobalSatori: I wanted to point out that there was no substance behind the claim that #tzm is a cult. A more useful discussion would be on issues

Muertos: Here is an issue: why won't the leader of #TZM, P.J. Merola, stop promoting conspiracy theories that have been oft disproven?

GlobalSatori: Ah ok, now we are honing in on the real issue. So which "conspiracy theory" is causing you consternation?

Muertos: All of the conspiracy theories that #TZM pushes are asinine, but "9/11 was an inside job" is especially moronic.

Global Satori: #TZM is not about 9/11. But here's a scientific proof explosives destroyed all 3 towers FBI are researching it</p>

Muertos: No, conspiracy theories including 9/11 are integral to the #Zeitgeist movement: #TZM #TVP #RBE

Muertos: And it doesn't surprise me that you follow the lies, obfuscations and poor logic of the conspiracist 9/11 "Truth" crowd.

GlobalSatori: No I follow the application of the scientific method.

Muertos: Then you'll like this: application of the scientific method proving 9/11 conspiracy theories impossible:</p>

GlobalSatori: Paper does not prove that & ignores vital facts. NIST admission that WTC7 fell at freefall for 2.4 seconds = controlled demolition

Muertos: For claiming to believe in the scientific method, you sure don't seem to believe in very much science! Typical #Zeitgeist.

Muertos: And BTW, "free fall" is ridiculous.</p>

Global Satori: The paper does not prove what you are saying it proves. However the NIST free fall does prove WTC7 was controlled demolition.

Muertos: I'm curious, what other conspiracy theories do you believe in? Illuminati? Global warming is a hoax? Chemtrails? Anti-vaxx?
Muertos: Let me guess, you also think Larry Silverstein was in on WTC7 demolition because he said "Pull it!" :D

GlobalSatori: Nah, but he doubled the insurance a few months before, had acts of terrorism + right to rebuild towers added, skipped work on 9/11
GlobalSatori: Paper shows towers fell only slightly slower than freefall - compelling evidence of demolition. NIST also showed WTC7 had free fall

Muertos: Thank you for providing me another example that the #Zeitgeist Movement's core demographic consists of conspiracy theorists.

GlobalSatori: Gulf of Tonkin, USS Liberty, Reichstag - and other facts which show people in power lie and kill to manipulate the population.

I don't even know if further comment on this is needed. The idiocy of this CT'er speaks for itself in words far more expressive than anything I could say.

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Wolf BirdPosted: Mar 28, 2011 - 16:34

I shoot you dead.

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I love, LOVE how much zeitgeisters bleat about the scientific method and fail to use it or listen to scientists. He probably does believe in other CTs. I'll wager he's an anti-vaxxer.

My favorite part was when he said conspiracy theories like 9/11 are not important to the movement, then proceeded to parrot the typical truther claims.

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PathfinderPosted: Mar 28, 2011 - 17:57

This apple is your CT. Princess Luna represents logic.

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This guys definition of 'debate' is quite different from what it actually means according to Webster. Webster must be in on it too...

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Evil ElvisPosted: Mar 30, 2011 - 06:59


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I applaud your patience, frankly I tend to start joking with this morons immediately.

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