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Forum - addresses for poolmans scams

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anticultistPosted: May 07, 2011 - 11:26

Brainwashing you for money

Level: 15
CS Original

when you go to this Equal Money System money demand here, put in 0 ZAR, and proceed to the payment page, the payment/transaction page tells the following:
"Merchandise: Support establishing Equal Money System

Merchant: Exodec 124


Ottos Bluff, Pietermaritzburg, KZN, South Africa, 3201"

So, yet another, different address is being used there for Desteni.

At this site giving information on the Desteni website, the address is listed as

Mountain View farm
Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu Natal
South Africa

and the owner, Bernard Poolman.

A whois search shows that the registrant for the website is

Esteni de Wet and the address is:
1 Vincent Rd, Ashley 3610, South Africa

Owner of the website is

Susan Elizabeth Spies

PO Box 641 Msunduzi
Pietermaritzburg, 3231, ZA

This document:</p>

gives the address as:

Desteni of the Republic of South Africa of 18 Underwood road, Pinewood Park, Pinetown, 3610,

So that's five different addresses for a business that is apparently supposed to be based at one location: the Desteni farm.

Any legitimate business will usually display one main address on their website, but not Desteni. Any address is only ever found in some obscure place, and then it's never the same one.

Desteni I Process Terms of Use state:

"Unless otherwise indicated, all website design, content as downloadable files, text, graphics or any other type of content is Copyright© 2011Desteni."

But the blue and white logo design being used for the Desteni I Process [] pyramid selling scheme has been stolen from the Apple AppStore logo for the i Phone ...<br /></p>

A lot of work goes into those logos for corporations like Apple Inc. They're registered trade marks. Some scummy little semi-illegal venture can't just come along and steal a logo design off a major corporation.

Maybe Apple will be interested to know:</p>

taken from here:,62042,100369

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