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The Burger KingPosted: May 05, 2010 - 06:12

I can't stop posting pictures of poop, what the fuck is wrong with me?

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I was searching the internet I found something interesting on VTV soo....

Remember that campaign Neil Kiernan Stephenson aka VTV was in the one in Michigan where he was running for U.S. House of Representativesfrom Michigan's 10th district against Candice Miller and lost; well of course not but VTV brags about it like it's a badge of honor to get his ass kicked.... Now I know VTV said it was a close race with Miller that he had her on the ropes, but did he? Well to me their is different degrees of losing and in campaigns you need money so I decided to checkout VTV's campaign funds to see if he had supporters/money coming in. (link below)

Candidate Name Neil Kiernan Stephenson
Contributions Received
$0 Total Money Receipts
$0 From Individuals
(Amounts over $200)
$0 From Political Action Committees
$0 From Indian Tribes
$0 Self-Funded
Office Running For United States House of Representatives (Congress)
State Michigan (MI)
Party Libertarian
Election Year '08
District 10
Campaign Address BLOCKED OUT ADDRESS it's his home address

oh yes I can see VTV really did give Miller a run for her money, because he had none (also has no job)... Does VTV not know how to run a real campaign, you have to make money, to make money you HAVE TO HAVE A JOB! You have to find people who will help you in your campaign and donate their time for free for your campaign... No wonder VTV is the spokes person of the Venus project because all he wants is a Utopia so he can sit on his ass all day. VTV spouts his mouth off all the time that he ran in this campaign. Really now, is the only reason he ran in that campaign so he could spout his mouth off about it later at other people. That somehow even though VTV lacks education, intelligence, is fat, jobless, imaginary knight, that somehow running in one campaign will makeup for all that he lacks...

I bet money VTV never got off his ass in his imaginary campaign at all, I bet he didn't go door to door, mailed people, went to any debates or anything... I think VTV found out a hard realization that in politics you need money, and credentials to run. VTV isn't facing reality he's in denial, he still lives in a imaginary dream world where he's the hero slaying the dragon. I can't believe people would call Edward delusional; VTV, Peter Merola, Fresco & Roxaniie, Tanktop, who made up the Zeitgeist movement/Venus project are delusional, they simply fail at life, have NO CREDENTIAL and are pissed off at the system because it simply takes work to get to where they want to go...

Well I have to say one thing VTV isn't totally jobless in his own words (below)

>> VTV says: This, to be utterly blunt, is bullshit. I am not egotistical. Nor am I behaving like a bully. However, I have a job that is not something that always makes people popular. I am sure you can find people to join you in critique of my moderator skills in the same way that it is easy to find criminals who don't like police officers. It is bound to happen. Most people who have told me I am not cut out to be a moderator have also said that they would prefer there were no moderators at all. <<

As much as I can agree that it is sort of a job to radio/mod forums it's not necessarily a paying job... Well can't knock the guy to much on it not being a paying job he managed to con people into donating to him for a new computer/pay for his utilities. he made so far $90 for his internet/utilities and $340 to buy a new computer.</p>

>> VTV asking for $120
This red widget is for donations to keep V-RADIO on the air. The money donated here is spent keeping my internet bill paid, Skype active, and sometimes for various small pieces of equipment I need. NOTE: The reason the monthly goal went up by $20 is to pay for a toll free call in number for V-RADIO. I still do not make profit from V-RADIO. (Nor do I want to.)<<

>>VTV asking for $500
This blue donation widget is for the rebuilding of the computer I use for V-RADIO and Zeitgeist TV. We have already raised $500 towards this goal. (I had originally thought I could get away with just upgrading my old machine when I put up this first chip in, but found out well afterward that I would not be able to as the whole system is just too old to upgrade.) I am also saving up funds on my end as much as I can to help this along. Thank you to EVERYONE who helped with this. You make V-RADIO possible!<<

Well at least VTV made more in donations from conning Zeitgeist people out of their money then he did in his failed 2008 campaign for U.S. House of Representatives from Michigan's 10th district. I suppose pretending like VTV is in the political game, is intelligent, has connection to high profile politicians is enough credentials for the internet environment/Venus project/TZM much like Peter Merola is a Doctor , and Fresco for the past 30 years has made successful Venus project real world examples before Zeitgeist cult ever piggy backed TVP; These real world examples of TVP being of houses/buildings people can live in as of right now in 2010 and not just focused on making houses/buildings from Legos, as well Fresco never mention the Mickey mouse club as an analogy in his speeches like it's still in style.

I found another article on VTV running in the Resource Based Economy Caucus in the teabag party (link below)... Not only is VTV duping people into thinking he has credentials but also manipulates Zeitcult people into supporting him for the teabag party... This guy is a Utopian idealist conspiracy theorist that latch himself onto the Venus/TZM cults like a political blood sucking tic/leech he is to make money and further his political agenda as well as gives an excuse to his wife/everybody else as to why he doesn't have a job/is so poor because of course his job is being a spokesperson for the Venus project/TZM cult. Must be hard sitting on your arse all day VTV pretending to be a know it all, been their and done that type of person eeehh?</p>

For the next time you hear or see VTV opening up his mouth simply imagine it's full of shit because that's exactly what he is :) How long is this 34 year old man going to keep saying he has credentials? Or the fact that getting his ass kicked in a political campaign he didn't even try to raise money/run in was any type of experience? What a wonderful spokesperson for the Venus Project he certainly is qualified enough for that.

Poli: Many
Tic(k)s: Bloodsucking creatures.
= Many bloodsucking creatures.

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CyborgJesusPosted: May 05, 2010 - 07:00

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Are computers that expensive in the states?

I got mine upgraded for 600€, and that's for some massive rendering action. I was kinda surprised that he needs 1000 bucks only for a computer able to hold a TV show.

I'm not implying that he's conning's just strange that he talks about having no job and than spending that much on hardware.

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anticultistPosted: May 05, 2010 - 08:13

Brainwashing you for money

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Neil Kiernan Stephenson’s Latest Attack on Former BTP National Chair Jim Davidson</p>

Neil Kiernan Stephenson’s Rants Against Me Part II

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anticultistPosted: May 05, 2010 - 08:17

Brainwashing you for money

Level: 15
CS Original

VTV seems to join movements and damage them willfully and without remorse.

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Sil the ShillPosted: May 05, 2010 - 12:58

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Read the title of this thread and threw up.

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The Burger KingPosted: May 05, 2010 - 13:51

I can't stop posting pictures of poop, what the fuck is wrong with me?

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But really he didn't get one single donation in that campaign yet you brags about i so much and when he ask the guy about his credentials he points to that campaign like it's a the holy grail of credentials, like it's a Havard degree framed in his house for all to look at and admire, I mean the guy is really proud about it... Yeah really it takes work to get real credentials, zero effort is going to yield zero results, VTV pretends and even in flats his campaign experience to hell and back but really this guy has almost zero experience in the political realm and has ZERO credentials...

It's actualyl pretty cheap if you know how to build computer i'd say depending on what you want around $300-600. VTV had came into RBOSE to explain that their was a VTV posing as him. Why anybody would want to pose as VTV I have no clue. Anyways I question VTV in RBOSE about his donations, then offered to donate towards his computer. After a bit of a talk with VTV he explained that he was just going to buy a processor and he would be fine, well as much as his processor cost $500 and is pretty good I would assume he would have compatible motherboard, ram, gfx card, psu to support it, etc... When I question VTV if he already had the rest of the hardware components and asked him what the models hardware ID's he had setup for that processor he was unable to answer and left the IRC after that. Obviously he must of took my advice to now say...

>>VTV: We have already raised $500 towards this goal. (I had originally thought I could get away with just upgrading my old machine when I put up this first chip in, but found out well afterward that I would not be able to as the whole system is just too old to upgrade."

yeah of course I can only assume this guy who knows everything figured that out for himself without me questioning him because he's a imaginary know it all... As much as he was trying to "get away with just upgrading his old machine " he's trying to get away with a lot of things life including conning people into thinking he has credentials and people donating to this guy based on that belief... What will happen to the computer when TVP/TZm fails, great he just got a free computer to play World of Warcraft on mission accomplished VTV

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MuertosPosted: May 05, 2010 - 16:12

Paid Disinformation Blogger

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I could not care less about this.

My own opinion--mine alone, and just an opinion--is that our discussion of the ZM on this board should focus on challenging it as an organization that promotes and spreads conspiracy theories. Inside dope/soap opera stuff about the intrigues within the ZM or dirty laundry of its individual members doesn't interest me at all.

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