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Forum - Desteni Cult Hard Core Into The Paranormal As Well As Into Conspiracy Theories

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The Burger KingPosted: May 18, 2011 - 01:46

I can't stop posting pictures of poop, what the fuck is wrong with me?

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A main difference between the Zeitgeist cult movement and Desteni cult is the Destini cult seems to be hardcore into the Paranormal. As the Zeitgeist Movement cult is purely based in hardcore conspiracy theory's which would be to blame people and money for their problems Destini drenches it's foot into the paranormal to explain reality and it's problem.

Destini's paranormals talks include bad and good demon concepts. From what I've read on the CS site Destini have claimed to have contacted Hitler and that in fact Hitler was possessed by a "bad demon" hit whole life but Hitler himself is a ok guy supposedly because the bad demon is gone.

I've even come across a youtube video where Poolman talks about good and bad demons. Poolman goes to such leaps as to say "stay away from people who are poor because of course they have bad demons or negative energy and that negativity will rub off on you and make you poor.", and then goes on to say "people with good demons or positive energy will be rich and in return you'll become positive and that positivity will make you rich". The Destini cult makes a connection between paranormal then wraps that up in conspiracy theory's then applies this to reality. I have to say when it comes to internet cults from what I came across today on Rick Ross's website he's a bit of a amateur compared to the work CS has done.

When I have time I'll post up some Destini texts and maybe some videos of Destini's Paranormal conspiracy theory based ideology. If anybody has any info to add to this go ahead and post it up in this thread.

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The Real RoxettePosted: May 18, 2011 - 04:50

There ARE more sluts in public schools. Shut up and let me explain.

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So, really, the best description of Desteni is "We believe in every fucking thing."

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Evil ElvisPosted: May 18, 2011 - 04:58


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And we shave our heads to make attractive chicks look like retards and unattractive nerds like - well even more unattractive nerds.

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