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Forum - Desteni member wonders why there aren't more black women in the cult.

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MuertosPosted: May 21, 2011 - 16:39

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I have noticed something here that came to my attention and it is that i don't see any black woman here in desteni.

Since i was a child i think it have to do with my upbringing, i found it very powerfull to see how a woman express herself in defending herself.
So due to this most of the woman i have been with in my relationships were strong woman, who didn't take any shit from no-one.
Throughout my life this is the one thing that i find attractive in woman always some may look very nice outside, but it is that strong defensive and very mcu to the point and assertive, and verbally capable of allot, and very pain restrained.....
If there maybe someone here at desteni that is black, and i mean litterally black, not light brown or brown, but black.

Darryl, who evidently is black, replies:

You missed Uzoma, but besides her, I also have noticed this. Through the years I've been here there have been a couple of black women who came and left. I am going to guess that black women are very busy surviving in the world and are not inclined to look in the direction of Desteni. Maybe they are too busy with surviving. Maybe they don't consider Desteni a credible source of information or are puzzled about all the videos or are too beholden to Christianity to consider Desteni capable of telling the truth. It is rather strange more black are not present here, though.


Your cult channels Adolf Hitler and you wonder why there aren't more minorities in it?!!?!


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Agent MattPosted: May 21, 2011 - 16:43

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But Hitler loved his people, that means Hitler is love.

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JimJesusPosted: May 21, 2011 - 16:44

Bacon Pancakes! Making Bacon Pancakes, take some Bacon and I'll put it in a Pancake! Bacon Pancakes that's what it's gonna make...Bacon Pancaaaaaake!! ♪

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I'm sure looking like skinheads while talking about said dictator doesn't help either.

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