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Forum - New blog: "Anti-Hate Responses," Desteni's deceptive groupthink ritual.

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MuertosPosted: Jul 21, 2011 - 19:40

Paid Disinformation Blogger

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New blog regarding our bald-headed South African friends and their latest e-ritual is live here:</p>

Audio embedded and video (YouTube) linked from there. Enjoy.

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Elm Nehmara Grand RapidsPosted: Jul 21, 2011 - 21:29

I don't deal well with shrillers

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Wow... this is why I always do research about a particular spiritual path before divulging in it. I have never been in a cult but I have rushed blindly into different religions, especially new age stuff before I realized how kooky they have gotten.

It seems like that now more than ever there are all of these new age cults popping up that have conspiritorial lines.

Have you ever done any research on Eckankar?

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GreedoPosted: Jul 21, 2011 - 21:50

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Great work, just watched all of your vids while eating breakfast. I hadn't heard of Desteny before, actually. Desteni is a perfect example why conspiracism is dangerous

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Vasper85Posted: Jul 23, 2011 - 20:56

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Good work. I gave it a thumbs up.

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