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Forum - Desteni main channels taken down from YouTube!

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MuertosPosted: Aug 10, 2011 - 10:49

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Well, this is an interesting development!

After Sylvia took her blog down (to no big effect) bitching about the terrible ‚abusers‘ who had talked about information she had made public as freely as she did when she decided to share it with the world, disregarding her daughters right for privacy, something at least equally interesting happened:

Four of Desteni‘s channels on Youtube were taken down for violation of community guidelines and/or copyright-violation.
Apparently, appeals were denied.
If this means the end of their main channel is not certain, for Desteni has ‚suggested‘ to their followers to ‚voluntarily‘ copy, paste, sign and then send a pre-typed email to Youtube, to express how genuinely their ‚material‘ is missed by every individual involved.


„We are suggesting the following actions to take on with YouTube to request the reinstating of such channels

Send an email to:

using the following format:

Subject line: Account Reinstatement Request for DesteniProductions, BernardPoolman, DesteniMoney, and DesteniProdDemons


To Whom It May Concern:

We, as the Desteni group that have been consolidated through YouTube via the following accounts: DesteniProductions, BernardPoolman, DesteniMoney and DesteniProdDemons are requesting the reinstatement of these channels that were terminated today: August 9, 2011.

The total amount of videos amongst these four channels are over 3,000 and have served as sources of information and support for a multitude of YouTube users, such as ourselves, for over four years.

All the Desteni material that encompasses these channels stands within the principle of equality, and the defense of human rights.

Hereby we declare, as the individuals that have received the support and assistance from the material provided by these channels, our discontent and discomformity with the decision that youtube has taken based on the false-flagging done by people that have been oppossing our stance in relation to world equality.

Thank you for your consideration.


YouTube user(Write your username here)

Sign with your full name“)

The fun part isn‘t over yet.
In their official statement about this matter ( Róbert Starší says:

„We can only assume the real reason for this. One thing is certain - Desteni is hitting the nerve of some people and it’s hitting hard. It also shows the nature of the system we live in. I mean what we deal with in our material - self-forgiveness, self-perfection, establishing and Equal Money System for all. Points that everyone can benefit from, points that are best for all. Many people have been supported by this material and shared their results publicly. Yet, this is not recognized and even fought against. Shame.“

It is quite a stretch that the entire Desteni community seems to have disregarded the facts at hand: Desteni had over 3000 videos uploaded, a good deal of them using possibly copyrighted material in the form of pictures and music stolen from all over the web. It takes only three strikes to take a channel down.
It was merely a question of time and mathematical probability.

On top of that, Desteni has been violating the community-guidelines ever since they started. Their attention-seeking headlines often include offences against minorities, anti-Semitism and all sorts of controversial subjects and their main preacher screams and rants in such a terrible, vicious way that one wonders if he just spat all over the microphone.
They may claim that he ‘means it all differently’ and that it is all just to ‘wake people up’ and ‘show them who they are’ but, the truth is: the real definition of ‘hate-speech’ does not, as Desteni-members believe, apply to ‘everyone who says something against Desteni’, but rather to the speeches of their beloved leader.

It was also somewhat obvious that they would try to convince their followers that ‘someone is out to get them’ and that they have just been banned because they are a threat to someone in high places, making the members feel like a group of rebels fighting for the right cause against the establishment, no doubt to reaffirm their delusions about their own purpose in this plot and make them even more paranoid about the ‘world outside’ than they are already.
The accusations MUST be false, mustn’t they… it is not like Desteni actually uses material not their own and have a spokesperson who enjoys glorifying Hitler - Oh wait, they totally do.

I think it is proven at this point, that DarrylWThomas’s claims that Desteni is in some kind of partnership or understanding with Youtube are - and always have been - false. These statements were quite obviously made to intimidate opposition and keep people in a state of fear that the almighty DesteniProductions might take their channels down in a minute if they only wanted to.

It is a bit ironic thought that Desteni and it’s members even complain about what happened to these four channels: They themselves have participated in false-flagging-attempts and false-DMCA-claims, so channels taken down by these means has formerly been regarded as an appropriate method in their circles.
Back when xfinksx's videos and channel (as well as those of others) were taken down due to their false flagging, Darryl said that Youtube appears to think it right to take them down, the clear proof that they must have been violating something.
Apparently, if it happens to themselves, it is a big No-No all of a sudden, not to speak of clearly either a mistake or a downright conspiracy.

You guys at Desteni might not believe in Karma, but Karma certainly believes in YOU.

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anticultistPosted: Aug 10, 2011 - 10:58

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bosh !!!

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Vasper85Posted: Aug 10, 2011 - 13:57

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MuertosPosted: Aug 10, 2011 - 20:06

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Some choice responses from the shaven-headed cultists.

They are probably cheering about their "great accomplishment", their little online war, but actually they are just puppets of the game / the system - which kills of and denies everything that does not fit into its frame and into the status quo. They are the defenders of the status quo, against equality, and supporters of a world of enslavement.</p>

Because Desteni stands for equality and a new world that is heaven on earth and we had the actual solutions to accomplish this and still have, they the system that makes billions of capitalism that includes YouTube will obviously see Desteni for the threat we are to ending their abusive cycles and bringing a new world here.</p>

This is the result of the accumulated effect of actions taken by haters of Desteni -- or should I say, haters of Life, haters of Equality and Oneness, haters of reality. Almost 2000 years ago a man was also crucified by haters of Equality: Capitalism - the Ego-Ism - killed a man that was spreading the exact same message that Desteni is spreading.</p>

Yup, you heard that right. YouTube shutting down Desteni's channels is equivalent to the crucifixion of Christ.

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anticultistPosted: Aug 10, 2011 - 20:32

Brainwashing you for money

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Agent MattPosted: Aug 10, 2011 - 22:41

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The CIA killed Desteni.

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GreedoPosted: Aug 11, 2011 - 04:06

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Nice! Of course they with their CT mindset will say it was teh gubmint, errr.. reptilians

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