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Forum - Desteni tries to justify their shit about reptilians.

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MuertosPosted: Aug 20, 2011 - 12:39

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SpamAnn, an infamous Destonian, drones on about why it's OK for Desteni to push their crap about reptilians.

I want to make a post about this because I have read and heard a lot of people say that desteni denis believe systems, but on the other hand supports their own believe systems and makes videos about all kinds of things to lure people into believing about reptilians and aliens and other spiritual things etc...

My perspective on this is that desteni has indeed shared information about this and had many videos about all kinds of topics. From light workers, law of attraction, karma, budhism... to satanism, reptilians, aliens, guns, toilet paper etc...
Not with the intend of people simply believing it, but to give perspective to all these things that pre-occupy the human minds world wide. This lead to many hundreds of video's, dealing with all those different subjects. So people with all kinds of intrests, would have a higher chance of finding the desteni message.
Again, not to go and believe it. But once the video would get their attention, they would be exposed to the other video's and info and comments of desteni and it's members. Reading and hearing common sense perspective about the things they invested so many intrest in. So initially they might hear the video's about reptilians or aliens like in the history of mankind, but eventually this leads to the general message of desteni and common sense perspectives about the topic.

Because we want to reach as many people as possible, and with adressing many topics, the chances go up to reach more and more people. Also finding the ones who do not let themselves be lead by their believes and knowledge the system has given them, and limit themselves to that only. But people who are willing to realise that there are things they are not aware of, that things could have been different and that it doesnt automaticly mean something is bad/wrong, when it is not generally shared info. People who dont just turn their back as soon as they find something they think is crazy or impossible. People that look further, and hear the message of equality and apply common sense for themselves. No need to believe in reptilians at all, because that is not the point of the videos.

Yet many haters have jumped on it, claiming that desteni want to install new believe systems and shit like that. Which shows how they jump on their own believes and assumptions, and not truly investigate what desteni stands for. instead they already have their mind made up that they are "against" it, and will try and see all information and anything desteni does to justify this believe.

All the video's from desteni, all the topics from desteni, lead to the message of equality. That is the point. They always lead back to that, which is the central point. A central point that uses as many arms as possible to reach out to the world, a world divided filled with millions of topics and intrests. And all the arms lead to the center, if one is willing to look.

Yup, that's it. We don't want people to be happy or equal, so we refuse to believe in reptilians. And it's perfectly fine to try to dupe people into believing in reptilians because it's in the service of equality for all.
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Vasper85Posted: Aug 20, 2011 - 20:12

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Because I know that is the kind of people I want joining my group if I was in the business of fleecing my flock. Gullible reptilian-believing people.
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