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Vigilant Citizen is at it again...

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live and learnPosted: Apr 16, 2013 - 20:11

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Vigilant Citizen always has some more crap to spew: enjoy:

why do some people have such a hard time accepting that sometimes (as a matter of fact, most of the time), celebrities do stupid things, that doesn't serve as "proof" for any stupid consiracy theory. It's always the same with these theorists, everytime a celeb does something stupid, its because the "illuminati" is making them look crazy because they "refuse to follow the illuminati agenda". Nevermind the obvious fact that sometimes celebrities do stupid things, sometime celebrities have bizarre beliefs, whether it be believing in Scientology or studying the Kaballah, or in the case of Katt Williams, believing in the iluminati and being hardcore Christian.

I mean, look at the whole Dave Chapelle situation, you've probably watched the videos where he explains his situation, does any of that point to him being "labelled as crazy by the illuminati"? no, nothing that I've seen has.

I cannot wait for the day where these theories start to die out and lose followers, then maybe people won't have to be forced to hear about stupid things that can't be verified and which there's no concrete evidence for. The day these theories die out will be a great day for all of humanity, it really will be
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