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Forum - Icke is kickstarting for a tv and radio show

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anticultistPosted: Jun 05, 2013 - 09:30

Brainwashing you for money

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CS Original

This is its microphone...

We have 28 days to raise the money that will put this TV and Radio station on air within months to expose the information across multiple subjects that the mainstream media will not cover and to give a voice to the currently voiceless all over the world.

Let us put aside that which divides us and come together as One Global Human Voice - The People's Voice.

ENOUGH - we are not taking this shit anymore

The people can have a voice that brings us together and bypasses mainstream censorship all over the world - but we need your help to make this happen within months.

Click here for video presentation and the detailed background...

Check the amount of people who have already funded it, and the money some people are prepared to part with for this asshat.
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JimJesusPosted: Jun 05, 2013 - 20:57

Bacon Pancakes! Making Bacon Pancakes, take some Bacon and I'll put it in a Pancake! Bacon Pancakes that's what it's gonna make...Bacon Pancaaaaaake!! ♪

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Kind of funny how fringe ass Icktillians can raise more than 10 times as much cash in 5 days than Zeitards can raise on a month.

I hope he does get this "TV" (internet) show gets going so everyone realizes how batshit he is.
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anticultistPosted: Jun 06, 2013 - 09:36

Brainwashing you for money

Level: 15
CS Original
Yeah in a way it will help him spread his insanity, which worries me. I also think it's going to make a lot of people laugh, so it might not all be so worrying.
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anticultistPosted: Jun 16, 2013 - 07:46

Brainwashing you for money

Level: 15
CS Original
Unexpectedly he has managed to get his loony fan base to fund this new project. However as expected he has now raised the amount that he wants instead of asking them to fund him 100,000 he now wants them to give him 300,000.

As I write this we are at £139,000 with 15 days to go. What is most amazing about this figure is that it has been reached with overwhelmingly small donations from people giving what little they can.

As always, it is people who have little making the biggest contribution.

I have met many for whom the entire total that we need to launch at the level that we plan and need would be a round of drinks and they have said to me 'I hear what you say, but what can we do?'

Well, here is what they can do - with myself and Sean taking all the risks and doing all of the work along with a dedicated team waiting to start and make this dream a reality.

I say to those for whom money is abundant and who talk about wanting to make a difference - all you have to do is contribute what you would never even begin to miss and you will answer the question 'what can I do?'

Why should The People not have a voice with the same level of technology and communication potential as the mainstream media which denies The People a voice?

We have a fantastic team of media professionals being assembled who are willing to take this station to air for a fraction of the cost of the mainstream media, but with the same standard and quality and with truth as their goal, not corporate profit or the Establishment song sheet.

All we need is the funds to do that and we estimate this to be £300,000.

I am working for nothing and will continue to work for nothing but we need your support to make this happen on the scale that I envisage and the scale that will make the difference in global public awareness. To compete with the voice of suppression the voice of freedom must have a technological match.

The people with little who have given what they can have got us this far. Now where are those for whom a sizable donation is nothing?

I say to those people - put up or shut up.

This is not a game. Your future and your children's and grandchildren's future is at stake here.

Comparatively little has been donated so far from the United States and yet the US will be be a major focus and location of our output if we can reach our goal


Motherfucker takes other peoples money to fund his get famous and rich scheme, then makes the claim him and someone else are taking all the risks. Then later he makes the emotional appeal that children's lives are at risk if people don't fund him.

This dude has it down to a motherfucking T on how to squeeze the last drops of money out of people. Taking money from poor people to fund his get rich scheme, and at the same time claiming he takes no money to do this and works for free !

The more this fucker talks the more I want the NWO to be real and lock him away, if only his delusions were real !!!!
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