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Forum - Tio From Trom Wrote the TVP Big Budget Movie Script!

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The Burger KingPosted: Jul 31, 2019 - 17:19

I can't stop posting pictures of poop, what the fuck is wrong with me?

Level: 5
CS Original
Tio Wrote a Script for TVP BigBudget Movie. He said TVP has ran out of money and Roxanne contacted him to write the script though they didn't like what he wrote.

Read the TVP Big Budget Movie script

Archive of Script

The main character is an 18 years old boy called Jack. He lives in the The Venus Project. The world is divided: the ones who accepted the new TVP system and live in such a system, and those who opposed such, as they call it, 'technocratic and communist' approach. Mostly, the TVP system is widely adopted, but 30% or so of the population still lives by the monetary system's rules (TMS).

The movie starts with Jack's monologue [ the boy records the story through a non-intrusive, small instrument - we will describe it in detail and in accordance to current tech so it is not regarded as a sci-fi device - ]. As he records we show parts of the TVP world:

"Welcome to our world, visitors from far away. This is the story of us, human beings. Star dust and DNA mutants. Great creatures, although we were not like that for all of our history. Sometimes naive, other times violent and misguided. But it seems like we finally found a way to express our smartness.

As lobsters at the bottom of the ocean, pressed down by tons of water and dependent on that environment, we are the same. Our home is only 100 km tall and not very wide. The atmosphere is our 'water', the earth is our spaceship.

We found our way on this huge, yet very small sphere, for thousands of years. Years of fear and blind beliefs, yet sometimes huge and important breakthroughs that propelled us to today. We banged our heads to the walls many times, to realize that the wall is solid. We trial and dealt with errors. We felt forced to apply what works, even if it was contrary to our beliefs. If we didn't, we would not be here today.

We gradually built reliable methods to test, define, and shape our small world. We call it science today, yet we realize it is such a small word for such a big journey it took to become, and more of this journey is yet to come, perhaps never ending.

We learned in a hard way to apply it for human concern and overwrite obsolete systems. The scars are not entirely healed (maybe showing fragments with the TMS world for a few seconds), the success is not entirely achieved (maybe showing TMS people at a border with TVP cities. TMS people are armed), but we know how to deal with both. Knowledge gives us confidence.

We replaced hope with probabilities, and faith with solutions to problems.

Today we live in a world with no leaders. No laws. No police, wars, famine or poverty. No fictional borders, no nationalities or crimes. It is not a perfect world though. There are still some problems, but we use science to tackle them. "

Then his monologue gets interrupted by an event/dialogue with one of his friends (maybe a notification on his personal device).

"Hey Jack! Guess what!? We made it!"

Jack (briefly smiling): "No way! Really?"

Friend (Alex): "Yes! We are going to G2047 (Madagascar) to explore it. Just got noticed (showing his device). You should have it too."

Jack: "Yes, there it is! I was recording :). Awesome! When are we going? Have you talked to Emma? I can't wait :). I feel like Darwin going to Galapagos. I am so excited about this."

The main event - The Jungle

A group of friends from TVP make a trip to an unexplored part of old Madagascar (they have specific gps names for locations now this is why they refer to it as G2047) to search for new species of animals (this is how we make it look like, but it is more than that).

They start packing their bags. Their clothes are not fashion designed but intelligently designed. They don't get dirty or wet. Their skin properly breaths through them and they are smart enough to also monitor their bodies (hearth rhythm, sweat, etc).

Emma: "I hope we get to see an Aye-Aye while we are there. It is such an interesting creature and such a rare one. It is like a dog that mate with a monkey (smiling). It even has a special, long finger like no other mammal, with which it can feel slight variations of heat? It knocks with it to the branches of the tree and using its years it finds larva inside the tree. Then it makes a hole using its teeth and pulls the larva out with its heat sensitive finger." (while she stories that, she acts like an Aye-Aye making Alex's hand the branch of the tree, and his ear as the 'hole' :) )

Alex smiles.

We show them using TVP transportation systems to get out of the city and close to the jungle. We can show them using 2 or 3 transportation systems such as self driving car, maglev train and airplane. Maybe a TVP airplane unique model will transport them to the island. They see amazing landscapes and TVP cities from above, and also a few parts where TMS world still exists, to show the contrast.

Jack to Alex: "Are you nervous?"
Alex: "A bit, yes."
Jack: "Don't worry, it's not like we don't know what we do. We know."
Alex: "Sure" (smiling)

They arrive in the jungle. The jungle is alive with sounds and colors.

Emma: "A mantis that looks like a leaf :).!" (she screams excited)
Holding the insect in her hands: "I always hated when some people said that they disguise as leafs to stay away from predators....they always made transmutation, or evolution as some call it, look like such a dull thing and not the complex process that it is.....fairy tales....
You lucky mantis. If there will be Autumn in this jungle like it is in the North, you won't get to 'leaf' that long :)"

Strange sounds come from the jungle.
It sounds like footsteps.
The group is scared, but perhaps more curious than scared.
A high frequency noise is heard and an arrow strikes the near by tree.
They run. They get chased.
At first we make it look like it may be a primitive tribe because of the arrow (a tribe that never met civilization), and create a suspense situation, then we show that it was a group of people from the monetary system.
Emma and Alex get caught by 4 armed men. They have bows and arrows and also guns.

"You trespassed!" (says one with a loud voice).
Alex: "We are here for scientific research."
The men: "Boy, you trespassed! This is not good news for you. Take them away!"

Jack sees the scene from a hidden place. He looks scared. When he turns around he is very surprised by seeing a 15 year old girl who looks at him without making any noise or facial expression. He is stunned.

The girl says: "Follow me! Follow me or else they will caught you too. You are from 'the cities'?! "

Jack: "Ok" (seems confused but he has no choice).

They walk for an hour without talking to each-other. Occasionally Jack quietly records: "They took Alex and Emma. They are the ones who are not like us. They are groups of people, societies, that live by old system rules that are obsolete and still create misery for their own people. But they are not bad people. They are misguided. They don't know the truth about us. Alex and Emma should be fine though. "

He follows the girl.

Jack: "I am Jack. What is your name?"
The girl do not respond.

Jack and the girl find the airplane with which they arrived at the island.
Jack: "Come with me! It is too dangerous to get back alone. It is getting dark."
The girl is hesitant.
Jack: "You can get back any time you want. It is for your own safety....Trust me!"

The girl accepts but she seems very hesitant and scared. They don't talk. They stare at each other for the entire trip.

They arrive. Jack is recognized by the separation walls that protect the cities (the walls are smart). TVP and TMS agreed on this wall to properly keep their 'worlds' separated and keep the immigration under control.

Jack: "These are the walls. I am sure you've heard of them. They are here only because some people do not understand our society.

Don't be scared "

The girl refuses to go to the cities. She is terrified.

Jack: "I am what you may call a 'biologist'. I study animals and their behavior. Here (pulling from his bag a fragment of a giant egg)... "

Girl (surprised and more relaxed): "An elephant bird egg...They are extinct! "

Jack: "We think we may have found evidences that they may still exist. It is believed that human activity made them extinct long ago. Let's go, it is getting cold."

They both go in the cities.

[ Jack and Roxanne should explain in more detail how the cities will look like when they go inside them. I want to present them as they presented the dinosaur's park in Jurassic Park for the first time:) . That awesome way, with a great music and huge structures. To make people say "wow...." I want to show her reaction to seeing for the first time this new world.]

They jump into a driverless car that takes them to Jack's place.

On the way to his place:
Girl: "Genie"
Jack smiles: "Ok Genie. Nice to meet you."
They arrive to his place. [ We will show how an apartment looks like in TVP ]

Jack: "Look Genie, I know your people are not bad people and that my friends won't be harmed. I also know that you think of us as weird, heartless beings, robots or communists, but you also know that we are harmless. No one will harm you. But if anyone knows that you are here, people from your society might interpret it as if you are being kidnapped and that's the only reason they need to come here with the force of armament that they have and harm us. As you may know we do not have armament, armies, leaders or any kind of government so please, please, let's keep this our secret. You helped me, let me help you to help us all. No one wants any conflict. Right?"

Genie: "I have no parents. I live at an orphanage. We were at that place (jungle) for a school assignment. I know about your world. I understand that it might not be a good idea to tell anyone that I am here. There are many problem in our society Jack.....I am poor and I do not afford to go to college.....I like biology too...."

Jack: "No worries Genie, you are welcomed to this world. If you like it, you can stay."
Genie: "That may create problems, don't you think?"
Jack: "Not if only the two of us know about it."

Presenting TVP

[ From this moment on we will present TVP world through Genie and Jack and their interaction with the technology and the people. ]

They go through many situations where Jack presents her the TVP world and Genie gets to change many of her values.

One example of such a scenario:
J: "Let's eat something." (they go to a fully automated restaurant/place).
G: "How do you order food?"
J: "Well there are many ways to do that. Imagine going online, on a website, and choosing what foods you want to eat or to be prepared, if they are not already prepared, and just send the order. Let's do it from the table's touch screen. "
They order food and the food gets directly to the table through an automated delivery system. Genie gets scared for a second: "Wow....where did that come from?"

J: A wormhole? :)
G: ?
J: :) Everything is automated here. We have no waitresses, cooks, no one to clean up or take your money. And you can order everything you want, when you want, how much you want.

G: So I can order 44 of these and they will be delivered to me? Now?
J: Yup
G: No way....that is not smart at all Jack. Really...I mean isn't that stupid to let people do that?
J: Let's do it!
G: Really?
J: If you want to, let's do it
G: .......

Jack orders 44 dishes and the dishes start to appear on their table. 4....7...24......Genie is embarrassed and stressed. Other people look at her....
G: Jack please make it stop!
J: Why?
G: It is embarrassing. People are looking at us! Please!

Jack stops it. Genie is so embarrassed.

J: I thought that's what you wanted, why did you asked me to stop it?
G: Well I was embarrassed. This is stupid!
J: Well you see now why people are not doing this?
G: Ya, but you rely only on people feeling embarrassed to not do such things?
J: It is not about being embarrassed, is about being educated, knowing that this kind of behavior is useless. In your society, when you go to a supermarket, do you fill up 10 carts with food and stuff even though you will only pay for one? How many of your own people do that just for the sake of doing it?
G: ......
(Genie seems to get the point)
G: What are we doing with all the dishes now?
J: We could start eating them, but I doubt we can eat all of them. And the you want to take them home?
G: Can we order other times still?
J: Of course, as I said, when you want, what you want and how much you want.
G: Well, then I see no purpose taking them home really....only if you want that.....
J: No worries, we can recycle them.
G: I am sorry....
J: It's no problem really :)
G: I still have one question though...
J: Shoot :)
G: What if I want a food that you do not have, let's say some sort of exotic dish, do you have everything I want? I will not order it again don't worry:), I just want to know.

J: Well we have many different ways of combining ingredients in such automated restaurants to make a huge variety of foods and maybe that exotic recipe. If you can explain it to someone, you can explain it to the restaurant's AI and it translates it into the actual food. But maybe it is not possible to be made by such systems and your option is to make it yourself, to give it a try. I think you may find all the ingredients you need. This is not an utopia, a haven, Genie, not everything is possible. This is a better system that creates a better life for all human beings with no exception, and if there is someone who cannot get his exotic dish to be made in this world, at least he can get a huge variety of other foods or have the chance to make that dish on his own. We may always be one exotic dish away from utopia :), but you can never reach such a concept. Technology and knowledge are always evolving, there is no final frontier :)"

Genie approves Jack by slightly smiling.

J: How is the food?
G: Great. Thanks for everything and I am sorry for the trouble I created.
J: Well luckily there is no police here or else you would be arrested for food-abuse :)
G: :)

A second example:

Jack takes Genie to a place where they can see animals in their natural habitat. [we should detail the technology and place for this event]
They see crocodiles.

J: "You know that crocodiles do not age? A 7 year old crocodile is as good as a 70 year old crocodiles."
G: "But I have seen crocodiles that die"
J: "They do, but for other reasons than aging: lack of food (they get bigger so they require more food), infections, diseases....You know, the crocodile dies when the zoo keeper dies :) . We have no zoo parks though so we can't be accused of that. :). We get to see animals in their natural habitat. "
G: "Ha. That's interesting. I didn't know that. What is that men doing so close to the crocodiles ? "
J: "He is studying their behavior to figure it out why they don't properly eat lately."
G: "Is quite dangerous though."
J: "Not if you know what you are doing. You see, you have to let them get used to your presence: to know you. Then let them feel in charge of the situation (although you are the one in charge). Once you do that, you can approach them when you are quite sure they won't bite you. You do that to help them though.

And it's not different from approaching a tribe that you may regard as primitive really.

-----------You let them know about your culture, you make them look like they have control, you make them question their status-quo, you approach them when you are sure they 'won't bite you' :). ------this may be removed.

We are all animals after all. "

G: "Interesting"

[ I want to present multiple such situations with a bit of humor and visual cues. I would also suggest Jack and Genie fall in love, since this is a movie and people look for this kind of stuff, but their 'love' will be explained as an extensionality of each other's personality. We can think about what parts of tvp technology and values we want to highlight and we can create situations like the ones above to present them. ]

Examples of situations:

- Jack has a younger sister (around 8) and she gets to meet Genie. They discuss about 'makeup' and why Genie wears it, why she wears earrings, etc. They bring into discussion 'beauty' and such concepts. While they have this discussion Jack's sister paints Genie's portrait and then explains to Genie how she learn to do such amazing paintings (as Jacque Fresco many time explains).

- Jack and Genie get to discuss about love, decisions in this system, how TVP builds structures, and so much more.

- A tornado strikes the near by TVP cities and Jack takes Genie to show her how tornadoes are used for their own benefit producing energy. In this situation we highlight how scientists work in TVP and we create a bit of suspense and 'action' through that.

And more....

Presenting TMS

[ In parallel with such situations in TVP with Genie and Jack, I want to show situations from the TMS world with the 2 friends that were being captured. The TMS situations won't be as plentiful as the TVP situations, but enough to present the TMS world and its problems.]

Alex and Emma were arrested because they trespassed an area in that Jungle and that area was proclaimed by TMS as theirs.

TMS was the only civilization in Madagascar. They were somehow isolated and TVP people tried to keep an eye on the Madagascar's fauna and flora. The border with TMS were never clear this is why these people got arrested. Some parts of Madagascar could be explored by TVP for scientific reasons. I want to show the TMS world as being as it is today: obsolete, inefficient, corrupt and divided, but I do not want to exaggerate with this and make it look too stupid and dull because it is already like that so we don't have to make it more than it is.

TMS is exactly the world we live in today: same rules, same values.

I want to present TMS through Alex and Emma and their 'fight' with TMS to let them go. TMS will deal with them as they do in today's world with 'immigrants'. They will be 'judged', imprisoned, and mocked by being 'robots without feelings; technocrats and communists.'

They are not physically harmed though. The TVP and TMS still have a mutual respect for each-other and don't want to break this status-quo. TVP provides some resources to TMS, and TMS still have armament (even nuclear armament). TVP fears that.

I want this part of the movie to be similar with the K-Pax movie ( . A movie with intelligent (original) dialogues. The main characters (Alex and Emma) are calm, intelligent, smart, and they make the other ones look stupid and primitive and more than anything, they will show how TMS methods are obsolete.

The 2 detained people will be on the TMS news and in all of their media. TMS leaders try to present them as 'bad' people that wanted to trespass their border to migrate, or for other purposes. They want to show them as 2 bad examples to 'prove' why TVP societies are not good enough, and so they can keep their monetary system rules in place and their status-quo intact, so that the rich keep their differential advantage.

Example of a situation:

Alex and Emma are brought up into the court.

Judge: "Do you solemnly swear or affirm that you will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?"

Emma: "What God?"

Judge: "Please answer by yes or no!"

Emma: "Which of the hundreds of Gods are you referring to, Judge?"
Judge: "Your God"
Emma: "I don't need one, Judge. But why do you need one and still look for justice, isn't He the one who should judge?"
Judge: "Are you an atheist?"
Emma: "Are you a non-fan of kurling, judge :)?"
The judge is infuriated: "Please sit down!"

Judge: Are you aware that you trespassed our borders?
E: There are no borders really. No one owns the Earth or anything else in the Universe.
Judge: So you do not recognize our borders ?
E: Is no border, judge. If you put a sign saying 'this is my land' it does not make it yours. We made no harm to no one. We were there to study animal behavior.
Judge: You are not cooperating with us Emma.
E: You are not asking relevant questions judge.
Judge: What do you want me to ask you, then?
E: How to overcome our differences and work together as a global species.
Judge: You are in a court, I ask the questions here.
E: Well, and people say about us that we are the robots....

Judge to Alex: Will you cooperate with us Alex?
A: I want to but....
Judge: What?
A: I think you are a great attempt to solve problems but you do not go very far and thus I am afraid you are not capable of your job. You see, one can buy a better lawyer in your system.....isn't that corruption? Why can one have a better defense than another one?
Judge: You refused to be represented by a lawyer Alex.
A: Judge, judge, judge. We make sounds yet you refuse to listen. You can buy lawyers and influence, power and access, in your world. How can I trust you to judge me?
J: These are our rules Alex, and you are in our jurisdiction, thus the rules applies to you too.
A: Laws are attempts to solve problems judge, but are not working don't you see?! You have laws that say "you shall not kill or steal", yet your world is full of crimes because people have nothing to eat. It costs you less to give them what they need than putting them in prison. I know you want to do good, but this is no way you can achieve that.
Judge: We are postponing the case.

[ The fight between Emma-Alex and TMS is closely reported in their media, but as in present society (today) there are people who do not agree fully with TMS, yet they are skeptic about TVP. These people will eventually expose this entire story. ]

Whatever we present through TVP cities and Jack and Genie, we should not present again through TMS. So is like they complete each other in presenting TVP system and its core values.

The Mystery

[ I think we already have a story that can keep people focused on the action of the movie: the love story between Genie and Jack and the mystery around Genie being unknown in this new world; the 'new world' of TVP, the conflict between TMS and Emma-Alex. We already have a way to keep people till the end of the movie to see what happens to these characters and these 2 worlds. BUT, I want more than that, I want this movie to be damn smart. So I am introducing a mystery in the movie that I prepared for the entire script (I inserted small bits that will make sense at the end). ]

Genie hears a buzz sometimes, and we beautifully paint that part, making it obvious yet not giving more clues about it. Genie is also wearing some earrings she had from her mother just before her mother died and she became orphan. We make this obvious.

Another mystery is that TMS does not ask about Genie at all, as if she did not existed.

Also, Jack starts to look suspicious with his recordings.

We build up the mystery and we make people aware that things will 'blow up at the end'. All of these must come at the surface.

At one point we make Genie question TVP. She thinks that she is part of an experiment TVP did on her, this is why she hears that buzz sometimes (in TMS there were rumors about TVP doing that). She starts to look for evidences about that and becomes more and more paranoid about Jack and the cities. But this only happens for the very last moments of the movie so we don't ruin their 'beautiful' relationship.

We want to make TMS as being right for a moment and TVP as the evil-society, and this is through Genie mostly.

The Plot

The plot was this: TMS planned to spy on TVP and they infiltrated Genie into the cities, but Genie is not aware of that. Her earrings have a device that records sound and transmits it to TMS leaders (this is why she sometimes hears that buzz). TMS plan is to find secrets about TVP and use what they find to prove TVP is not a good system. Again, their primary motivation is to keep their differential advantage.

How they set up Genie: they knew she is an orphan and not many will ask about her disappearance. Also they knew Genie is one of those who were interested about 'people from the cities' (TVP). They knew many things about her and organized a school assignment to 'catalog new species of animals' in the Jungle. They knew Genie was also passionate about animals and she was part of such expeditions many times before so she knew the place very well. They intentionally made it so it looks like TVP people trespassed their borders and Genie will remain alone with one of the TVP guys.

They also knew TVP makes such trips to the island for looking at the flora and fauna, and that TVP people won't leave a 16 year old girl alone in the jungle.

The Real Plot

What TMS leaders doesn't know, is that TVP knew about their plan all along. People from TVP studied TMS culture for many years and had their own 'informers' into TMS culture to make sure the both systems are keeping a mutual respect. TVP approaches TMS spying plan like we approach today primitive tribes: " you have to let them get used to your presence: to know you; then let them feel in charge of the situation (although you are the one in charge); once you do that, you can approach them when you are quite sure they won't bite you. " This was the hint Jack gave Genie when they visited the animals in TVP and it translates to: You let them know about your culture, you make them look like they have control, you make them question their status-quo, you approach when they you think they are ready.

Here's how we translate this into visual: " you have to let them get used to your presence: to know you (We show Jack and Genie when they first meet); then let them feel in charge of the situation ,although you are the one in charge (we show TMS leaders putting the recording devices into Genie's earrings and listening to TVP); once you do that, you can approach them when you are quite sure they won't bite you. (you see scenes with the revealing moment). " This part can be the last moment of the movie (will see)

This is why Jack records that story and says "Welcome to our world, visitors from far away. " He was talking about people from other cultures and records the entire study for scientific purposes. All the interaction with Genie is on purpose because he knows TMS listen to them. He gives them cues that will become relevant in their last moments of discussion.

The Confrontation

At one point Jack asks Genie to take off her earrings to go inside the central nervous system of the city to show her how decisions are made in TVP.

Jack says "We should have no metal on us, it may not be a good idea".

When inside the center, Jack tells Genie a lie about TVP . Then when they are off the room and Genie takes off her earrings, he tells another lie. Both lies could be used by TMS leaders to accuse TVP of something different. This way TVP people could prove TMS is listening to them through Genie's earrings if they pick the lie when Genie has the earrings.

TMS leaders hear the lie and use it as their best card to 'prove' TVP is doing something bad

Example of a lie:

Jack after they leave the room: "This is it. Not much really, but very important. The only place where it is a bit different is in G2154 (gps coordinates) where there is a 'carnivore' machine that eats people :) "

Genie smiles thinking it is a joke, but TMS know carnivore machine means that it spies on people.

[The lie inside the room is not that important.]

Now we are close to the end of the movie and Genie is paranoid about Jack and TVP. TVP looks a bit suspicious, and TMS looks now like they've got something on TVP and we make TMS look like they are not really bad people as we slightly made them look for the entire movie.

Genie confronts Jack.

G: "Jack, why you are never really concerned about your missing friends?"
J: "What can I solve if I am concerned? I know the right people are trying to help them. I can not."
G: "Hm....still seems strange to me that you never even mentioned them. "
Jack seems confused.

G: "And why did you accepted me into the city so easily? I know many people who want to come here and is not very easy since you want to accommodate them first, they must go first to the test cities, where they get 'educated' "

J: "Is true. That is a bit suspicious."
G: "Well it sure is. And Jack, can I see your recording device?"
J: " Sure. Here it is."
G: "Is this metal Jack?"
J: "....yes..."
G: " Well I remember when you asked me to take off my earrings because 'metal' could influence those machines, yet now I remember you had your recording device on you the whole time."
J: "Ha, you are really clever"
G: "You bet I am! And why the hell are you recording on that device all the time? What the heck is going on Jack??"
Genie has tears in her eyes.
J: "You are clever Genie. You remember I told you about the G2154 place? The one where there is a carnivore machine that eats people? Carnivore machine is a term used by agents from your world to refer to machines that spy on people."
G: "....." (confused).

J: "This is it. Look behind you."
Genie looks and there really is a T-Rex chasing kids (for fun). They are in a theme park, a dinosaur theme park.

Genie is even more confused.

G: "What? What are you talking about?"
Jack gently touches Genie's face with both hands, covering her earrings.
J: "In just a few minutes, your people will come here, armed. They sent you to this city without you knowing that. They were listening through your earrings the whole time and I gave them a false clue to catch them with this. I never lied to you. I care so much about you. You have all the reasons to trust me. Here (takes one her earring and opens it) they listen to us. I did not knew at first all that, so we had to make sure about this. Everything will make sense. Please, is the only time I ask you to trust me before I show you in details that I am right. Please! "

Genie has tears in her eyes.

TMS people get into the theme park, armed. They scream :"Get down! Hands on your head! Now!"
TMS people are accompanied by their main mass media to 'prove' TVP is doing bad things. They transmit live, this is how sure they are that they caught TVP in the 'act'.

They start to ask questions and search for the 'carnivore' machine but they don't mention this.

Jack stands up and screams: "That's the carnivore machine (pointing to T-Rex) I think that's what you are looking for. It is eating the kids :)" He has Genie's ear ring (the one they did not broke) on his left ear (he looks funny).
J: "Ah, sorry, I could talk softer, because you hear me properly through this ear ring..."
J: "Here, take it, is yours." (he give the earring to one of the commanders).
They are all stunned.
J: "Here's Genie. You used her to listen to us for the entire time. You used this little girl for your dirty jobs. But go ahead, visit our city while still here. Your entire plan is now mainstream. Good job! And you are still welcomed to visit our cities. "

The general: "He is right. We have listened to them for the past 5 months. We have set up everything. You are smart people. It's no point going on with this game....I have witnessed how our own system is obsolete. I know now you are good people and beyond all, very smart. Your society works so well it was hard for me to believe. We made a fool out of ourselves....I am sorry. "

Genie recognizes the general. He visited once her orphanage and gave her more attention than to the other children (flashbacks).

General: "Genie (crying) I am so sorry we did what we did. It is my own fault. I should be put in prison for life. "

Jack holds Genie's hand.

Genie: "No general. It is your system's fault. No one is born bad. "

The general gets arrested by his own people. They retreat.

J: "I am sure it is so confusing for you Genie. But it will all make sense.

We knew they will set us up in the Jungle, but we didn't know more than that. There are still people who take care of these 2 worlds of TMS and TVP to make sure we didn't break our mutual respect agreement. They informed us about TMS plans.

I truly am a 'biologist' as you may call it, and I am truly interested in animals and going to Madagascar to explore the place. The elephant bird may not be extinct (taking off his pocket the same piece of eggshell). It just happened that we were to face this situation. I told you we were there to study animal behavior :). We are all animals.

I suspected you did not know about this entire plan and you were not like them, but I played along their plot and I never lied to you. Everything that you've experienced is the way we are, is the way this world is.

You see, you have to let them get used to your presence: to know you. Then let them feel in charge of the situation (although you are the one in charge). Once you do that, you can approach them when you are quite sure they won't bite you. You do that to help them though."

The End

The entire story is exposed by TMS 'radical' media and shared with all of the people. Alex and Emma get back to the cities. Genie agrees to share many parts of the recordings for all to see what she's been through. Genie becomes an example for TMS people and she becomes a public speaker that many follow.

TMS and TVP are more closer now, they share ideas and goals. The transition is not complete but in progress.

The movie ends with Jack's monologue:

"Welcome to our world, visitors from far away. You wanted to know about us and now you know. We all have common needs and share the same planet. We all use the same scientific method and we should all collaborate now. TVP is not the final frontier. We invite you and everyone else to push it forward; improve it; find its weaknesses; educate others about it.

There is no other way to communicate with people unless you use their own way of communication. This is what we did. We let you in to explore us. We let you play your game. We showed you our real world so that you can decide if you want to join us.

Welcome. "

End Credits Surprise

Instead of the boring end credits we add credits plus footage. Real footage with the research center to show people this is more than a movie, it is something we are working to achieve. Including footage with J&R and the building models, cars, etc.

Espresso Shoot Resume

The movie is about this future smart society (TVP) and how they approach another culture and change it. Also, it presents how this new society works (technology) and what are its core values.

To also be highlighted

Values/Ideas that should be highlighted in the movie: Language is interpretable and the only one that is not is science; We need no leaders ; no need for crime or war; People's motivation; People's behavior : good, bad, geniuses, genes, etc; Decision making; Real value of money; etc.


I am sure that if this movie will become well known and people will love it, they will look for a sequel because they will question: well how did they get from TMS world worldwide, to this TVP world that is widely adopted?

And we make a sequel movie presenting Jacque's life and how he arrived at this conclusions and how we get from now to there.

I named the main character Jack because for this reason of the sequel where we can also create a mystery by making people think Jack is actually Jacque who may have used science to rejuvenate himself, etc. So, my ideas are far beyond this first movie that I just wrote the script for ;)

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