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Forum - Research on Douglas Mallette the next Venus project spokesperson

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The Burger KingPosted: Jul 28, 2010 - 12:54

I can't stop posting pictures of poop, what the fuck is wrong with me?

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Decided to do some research on Douglas seems, I got a shitteload of links. I thought the guy was interesting until I found out he's a conspiracy theorist in his own right. He believes going into outer space will save humanity, he believes in aliens, believes we were here 400 million years ago and promotes the idea/concept, is into starwars, apparently has a strong interest in writing/creating movies kind of a mix between peter Merola and Fresco but he doesn't build anything. Their isn't any models or thing of that nature he actually builds and he has a fascination with outer space and moving their to the extent of wanting to build communities on the moon. I believe just like VTV but to a larger extent high jack TZM/TVP cult into his thought process in building spaceships and living in outerspace. He has a vendetta in a way similar to VTV and the tea bag but towards NASA and cooperation build spaceships more than likely that are better than NASA to prove something to himself. I imagine he does this so he doesn't waist time making starwars movies and fantasize about build space ships kind of like how VTV does with LARP except this guy has a education and credentials and well has intelligence (maybe their connected in some way). doug even admits in a blog comment he made that he wishes he could get out on the media better to put his ideas out there about space I can only imagine in time TZM/TVP turning into his idealisms of building spaceships and in that it'll save humanity *laughable*...

This just seems to be a self-fulling fantasy of Doug's. He fits RBE in their like that's the missing element to his puzzle but I highly doubt he believes in RBE and s just doing this not unlike VTV to self promote his ideas to the drones within TZM/TVP about space travel. being that Doug is 34 years of age I'd expect a little bit more from him but so far in his life the only thing he's managed to create is a starwars movie and ripped a mash of videos/put them all together/put his name on it and titles it/then did self promotion on it... Doug is just taking advantage of TZM/TVP cult to promote his junk but at best he's no better than Fresco. I imagine this is good for Doug's sales to the book he put out as well...

Links below to doug if anybody wants to know more about him

look on page 3 (on link below)</p>

on page 10 (link below) (Afternoon)
2:00 - 2:45 -- (1) Space & the Rise or Fall of Humanity. Douglas Mallette.
(2) Personal Liberty & Lunar Settlements. James E. Dunstan)</p></p>

Talks about building a moobbase in 10 years, bet he's trying to push the venus project for his own little starwars fantasies (link below</p>

lengthy discussion (link below)</p></p>

his youtube channel</p>

Douglas Mallette author of Turning Point - 2.38 go 30 mins into it (link below)

(site birthdate and Doug's birthdate is a virgo, link below),%20Webster,%20TX&g=name_pipl_scd_state01#:1001293917</p>

Douglas Mallette and "Turning Point" How Space Exploration Will Determine the Rise or Fall of Humanity
(link below)</p>

(starwars webboard, avatar used is Darth Vader, link below)

(Welcome to Star Wars: The Forgotten!, the movie, starrs as Protector Captain Dizz Douglas Mallette - Profile)</p>

(Space Settlement Blog Day, link below)</p>

(book: title Turning point by Doug, abstract: Turning Point breaks down how space exploration and development can solve many of the key issues we face today in America, such as employment, education, the environment, energy, and international relations. The future of humanity is its exploration of the stars., link below)</p></p></p></p></p></p></p>

(admit he wishes he could get to a lot of people really fast, link below)</p>

Bickering with some memebrs (link below)</p>

(look for doug's name should be there)</p>

another inerveiw (link below)</p></p></p></p>

Technology vs. Monetary Economics, it's a interesting read on Doug's thoughts, (link below)

(doug beleives in aliens and conspriacy theory's (link below)</p>


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Agent MattPosted: Jul 28, 2010 - 17:55

Genuine American Monster

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This guy is only a year older than I am.

He should know better.

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