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Hate Mail - <no subject>

Sender: Junior Noppers <>
Subject: <no subject>
Type: Regular
Added: Feb 02, 2010
Sent to: Eric

ur posting rants on the ZEITGEIST page are retarded. i love how u keep getting burned by my canadian brother haha! love it! take care bro, wait till canada, america, and mexico are one nation haha! yikes

I can't believe someone who uses "ur" is calling me retarded. I think it's most retarded how you'll question anything not said by a movie found on the Internet, made by a nearly-anonymous person who refuses to allow critical examination of his movie. Maybe your brother should stop blindly believing stuff he reads on the Internet and turning it into his personal dogma. Take care bro, and I urgently await something that is never going to happen. The movie said around May 2008 they'll start with the national ID cards, where are they? There's absolutely no mention of them anywhere.

If your brother is so smart, maybe he knows that the first mention of the North American Union was in a 2001 book by Robert A Pastor, who was just suggesting the idea. All it takes is some moron on the Internet saying a fictional story will happen and your brother believes it.