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Hate Mail - Laughing at Internet Tough Guys since 2008

Just like with anything, if you challenge a belief system (conspiracy theories), people will come out of the woodwork to tell you how wrong you are. We made the mistake of putting our email addresses on the contact page and our contributor pages. We receive a decent amount of hate mail for expressing our opinions about conspiracy theories -- typically from young, white American males who think they can one up us by telling us how wrong we are.


Latest Additions

Hate Mail Status Sender Receiver
Life and all around you Regular Mike Trigleth Edward L Winston
Skeptics vs Conspiracy Theories Regular Dave Editing Committee
So you banned me... Regular Claude Martin Editing Committee
Article: Scientific American: Babies are not tabula rasa or blank slates Corrections Sugarcane "Ed" Gray Editing Committee
(no subject) Corrections William Whitten Editing Committee
Zeitgeist & Modern Money Mechanics Corrections Tom Vermeulen Edward L Winston
A shame Corrections Alasdair Morgan Edward L Winston
lol@yourTakeOnTZM. Corrections robert parker Edward L Winston
Money From Nothing Regular Roman Bilewicz Edward L Winston
Hm.... Corrections Tobiah Goss Edward L Winston
Alex Jones Corrections Endtimes Monthly Editing Committee
New Conspiracy Theory... Regular Jerome Raines aka Terra Dime Edward L Winston
Edward L Winston Corrections Paul Senrick Edward L Winston
9/11 conspiracies Corrections Cody Luna Editing Committee
Why don't you use a spell checker? Corrections Dave Brett Wasser Edward L Winston
Hey Genius Corrections Gary Duvall Edward L Winston
Zeitgeist Regular Alexandre Allegro de Magalhaes Edward L Winston
LoL Regular Alice Comega Edward L Winston
nothing BUT opinions Corrections Andy Edward L Winston
Read a Nexus Regular Mike Piller Editing Committee