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Hate Mail - Question about your website

Sender: Dave C <>
Subject: Question about your website
Type: Regular
Added: Feb 02, 2010
Sent to: Edward L Winston


I wanted to start a dis-information website like yours and was wondering how much you get paid to maintain your site?


I make $1,000 per letter per article. You know the government, or rather "them" , spends so much money paying off anyone who disagrees with you. You're one of the few that have figured out that, if someone disagrees with a conspiracy theorist like yourself, then they're getting paid to. You see, instead of researching anything or looking up claims people make, we know that conspiracy theorists won't do this, so we do, and we publish it. Their evidence is based on nothing, so we know that providing actual evidence with actual sources destroys their theories which are, themselves, somehow infallible and impossible to debunk. The great irony is that conspiracy theorists trust people like Jeff Rense with absolute blind faith, so our work is cut out for us! Don't worry comrade, we'll succeed in rounding up the sheep to receive microchips and depopulate the Earth.

Thanks for the email,
Edward L Winston, Special Agent CIA/NWO/FBI

P.S. I'm rich as hell for just disagreeing with you, how about that!

For real?

lol, if you actually believe it, I feel really sorry for you.