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Hate Mail - disgraceful

Sender: Rockwell Ginsberg <>
Subject: disgraceful
Type: Regular
Added: Feb 04, 2010
Sent to: Edward L Winston

you are pretty disgraceful in your lame attempts to discredit what i believe to be legitimate dissent... alex jones and zeitgeist for example. im not worried too many people take ur site seriously though, pretty transparent tactics. i hope the govt or someone is paying you well.

I read: "You're attacking my religion and that scares me, hopefully nobody will believe you and continue to blindly trust in my God, Alex Jones, and his only begotten son Zeitgeist. Since you disagree with me, I assume you're being paid to, because why else would anyone disagree? Yes, I am that delusional!"

you misread my beliefs and make many assumptions. this is clearly your style. you may continue your shill game, but ultimately you will be exposed for what you are... part of the problem.

Keep it coming, this is golden! It'd be unfair for me to not tell you what's golden, so I will. Conspiracy theorists who challenge me almost always do the same things: insult me, claim I work for a government, then claim I'll be exposed. You're falling inline perfectly with the classic "I hate you; I'm angry; but I can't explain myself coherently without giving up and claiming you work for Them" scenario. So keep it coming, it looks funny in my hate mail section, people love it.

I dont owe you any explanations, I just wanted to add my voice to your clearly large group of haters. Maybe you should ask why so many people give such consistently negative feedback. Nooo thats not in your interest. Im glad you have so much free time to respond to my emails so promptly. That will keep you from "debunking" more "conspiracies" for a few extra minutes this afternoon. I love how you lump conspiracy theorists together... You know what I believe? No you dont. All you know about me is I am calling you out as a bullshit artist whose laughable material is rife with logical fallacy. Maybe theres a psychological disorder in there but I dont care enough to really try to figure you out. If that's the case, I'm sorry for personally attacking someone with a disability. But otherwise, you are scum and I think you know it. Your true motivations elude me... jackass.

Are we done here, because I need to add this to twitter?

fair enough :)

[ At least he was nice enough to include a smiley. ]