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Hate Mail


Hate Mail - Your so smart.

Sender: Joseph Lowes <>
Subject: Your so smart.
Type: Regular
Added: Feb 07, 2010
Sent to: Edward L Winston

Yah you so smart. [eye roll] what ever. That does not change the fact the the American is mostly worthless service industry. The next depression is almost upon us. Just look at the reports given from who I conseder the best ecinomic minds out there. Garalde Cenlente, Mark Farber, Jim Rogers and Petter Shifft. Besides you do not know anything about  ecinomics; so go back the clown college.
P.S. Your worthless so who cares about you.  

[ I may need to go back to "clown college", which would be cool because that's where Penn Jillette went, but perhaps he should go back to elementary school. I know I make typos, but every email he sends me is riddle with spelling errors even fourth graders wouldn't make.

For someone who thinks I'm worthless, he's sent more emails to me than anyone else asking me asinine questions. ]