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Hate Mail


Hate Mail - Conspiracy Science

Sender: Jacob McCormick <>
Subject: Conspiracy Science
Type: Regular
Added: Feb 02, 2010
Sent to: Edward L Winston

I just finished reading your article related to the movie Zeitgeist, and I must say that you sir, are a liar. Everyone knows the truth, and people like you are just trying to keep others in the dark. I plan on getting my hacker friends to take down your web site to stop your lies.

- Jacob

That's interesting, because from other emails I have received, many people think I am speaking the truth. Unless all of us evil liars are simply emailing each other about how we enjoy each others' web sites, only to perpetuate the lies. Why do you want to censor me? Is that not exactly what you oppose the current ruling class for? I can just tell you that I have never tried to get anyone to take down Zeitgeist's site. Good luck with your elite hacking group.

- Edward