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Hate Mail


Hate Mail - I know who you are

Sender: W B Johnson <>
Subject: I know who you are
Type: Death Threat
Added: Feb 02, 2010
Sent to: Edward L Winston

I know who you are and what you are really doing. On a forum I was speaking with others about your true identity, and we all came to the conclusion with our evidence that you are a black ops government agent. One day we will get you and fucking kill you for perpetuating lies like this. People like you will be put up against the wall for creating the federal RESERVE fascism and north american Union. No I will NOT tell YOU what the forum is, because we do NOT need more government spies watching us. WE are going to SAVE America, you are no longer going to enslave us. You try to prove petriots like Alex Jones lies but YOU CANT because he speaks ONLY THE TRUTH. We will get you "Edward".

If you know who I really am, why didn't you say my "real" name? It's not nice to threaten people, in fact it's illegal. To be honest, W B, I really wish I was a government agent, that way I could get some money for this site and all the work I put into it -- unfortunately for me, I am still just a computer programmer and my black ops skills will have to continue to be put off until the government can get the sense to hire me.

For someone who claims to be fighting fascism, you sure like talking about executing people. Also, if I was really a government spy, couldn't I just ask my other spy friends what forum you were talking on -- after all you claim that "other" spies are watching you guys.

Thanks for the e-mail "W B".