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Hate Mail


Hate Mail - Bow down to your better.

Sender: Mike Piller <>
Subject: Bow down to your better.
Type: Regular
Added: Aug 03, 2010
Sent to: Edward L Winston

His name is Dr. John Colemen, PHd; a former officer in MI6 who as a student spent five years of study at the British Museum at London. He spent years studying the Committee of 300 and its main arm the Club of Rome. You just got schooled; because I know that you never heard of him.

Dr. Coleman links:

Club of Rome links:

Why do you assume I haven't heard of him? You conspiracy theorists point out the same people and garbage over and over. What did you school me in? You sent an unsolicited email. Oh dang, you just got schooled!

Just because someone has a PHd and worked at MI6 doesn't mean they can't believe or say stupid things, after all, there are plenty of Mormons in the CIA.

How about you bow down and blow me?

[ He sent along this email also. ]