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Hate Mail - nothing BUT opinions

Sender: Andy <>
Subject: nothing BUT opinions
Type: Corrections
Added: Sep 15, 2010
Sent to: Edward L Winston

I've been reading your site and forums and it's not at all convincing to say the least. None of you arguing the side that there is no conspiracy are not giving any facts. All I see are opinions and claims without any foundation. Saying something like "oh you really think that they would do this?..." or "hah you really think that happens? it doesn't" or "you don't know what you are talking about" doesn't constitute as facts. All I've seen in everyone's validation is the other peoples opinions on that site. It's like you guys check your knowledge on each other and think you're right because your buddy on here has the same OPINION, who also can't back anything up. There's documents, admissions, money trails, laws and reports from reputable places like Reuters, The Independent, Raw, even CNN, MSNBC and hell even FOX once in a while. BTW, not everyone from FOX is an idiot like Glenn Beck or Bill-O. Judge Andrew Napalitano and Shepard Smith are probably the only two good people in that vile infestation of a news station, but those two do report fairly.
Maybe if the people on conspiracyscience actually sat down with an open mind and researched the stuff being said, you'd be able to see that there is shit going on in this world that isn't right and it is run by private multi-national corporations and banks. I've seen how most of the people on there have a very big habit of never reading/watching anything (like for the obama deception, almost everyone admitted they turned it off after a few minutes) which is very ignorant to then go make wanna-be college grad comment on it like they watched the entire thing with an open mind. I used to have a closed mind like every one on that site, then I did something insane called reading and actually watching the entire movies and researching their claims to see if they held up. The more I ACTUALLY RESEARCHED, the more I found out that I was the ignorant and dumb one.
The same companies and banks do it to other countries and it's now happening to ours. They have attempted in the past but have failed. If you understood how the Federal Reserve Bank is NOT AT ALL government affiliated, and how they have the power to PRINT AND LOAN US OUR OWN CURRENCY, you might then start to see how this thing called "influence" will take hold. Like I said, they tried it in the past, the First Bank of the United States was a private central bank, but it couldn't hold it's government charter because the people understood the dangers of a private intl bank (because they had just fled from it) so they voted it out. They came back under the guise of the Second Bank of the United States, it was basically the same exact thing. Andrew Jackson knew this, warned of its existence and again, the bank is ousted out of the U.S. Same thing happened with Abe Lincoln, except he did allow a private central bank to take hold but he kept the one power to the government that they needed, the power to print the money. After months of trying to convince him, he was assassinated and the governments greenback was taken out of circulation and the new one, owned by the private central bank, was put into circulation, but again, since he told the people they became aware of it and put the power to print the money back into the governments hand and separated the central bank.
A couple generations go by and they convince the people again that they NEED a private federal reserve bank, thus our current one, the Federal Reserve Bank was created in 1913(which Jimmy Carter took us off the gold standard effectively eliminating the stability of our currency). Since then, them and their multi-national corporate buddies have turned us from a nation of workers/producers, small business owners and multi-talented people into a mostly servitude sector with the few small businesses left and big corporates having us work for min. wage servicing them. We now, instead of produce, service the people that own us(for lack of better words). If you think that its JUST COINCIDENCE that the country is losing so much wealth while these private multi-national banks and corporations are making record profits, you're either very ignorant and naive or you are in denial with your head buried in the sand. And I know a lot of you think that just because WE'RE AMERICA that it could NEEEVER HAPPEN to us, we would NEVER be like Greece, Rome or even more recently, Germany(not looking at the horrible holocaust, just the economics and business practices that went on) or hell even the Soviet Union. NEWS FLASH it's not the people in control of the country and actually care about it, it's the multi national corporations and banks and you can see it with the money trails, profits, records, documents, reports and even the laws that were lobbied by them and help them make profits while screwing us over like NAFTA(which is why we are never getting these millions of jobs back, like i said we dont produce anymore like we used to, China does now).

The greatest form of ignorance is condemnation without investigation.

I saw a LOT of people condemning without even watching the movie or reading the reports. All I saw was a bunch of opinions and base less claims.

Cool story bro.

[ So if he thinks no one here watched The Obama Deception, or at least understood the points, then how did I manage to go through everything said in the movie from beginning to end and talk about it? One thing is SURE, he USES random CAPS like all conspiracy theorists. His email is all OPINION, as it's painfully obvious he doesn't understand my (or anyone else here) political views at all -- he seems to think I'm just one of the random people who shoots him down in real life when he starts ranting at them. ]