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Hate Mail - jewish

Sender: Sandra Dec <>
Subject: jewish
Type: Antisemitism
Added: Feb 02, 2010
Sent to: Edward L Winston

With a last name like Winston, I'm sorry but you've got Jew in your blood somewhere along the line. So don't say you're not Jewish just because you don't practice it. Jew blood. Usury is Jewsury
Also, why would a skeptic believe sources from .gov or bible websites??

Haha, wow

Winston originates from Old English, it was first name that became a place name, my family traces its roots back to Winston in England. Just because "ston" originates from "stone" doesn't mean it's connected with "stein". I have a rather complete family tree and there's no Jews to speak of, mostly Anglo-Saxons, some Scots, and a few Dutch.

I take it you mean "skeptic" as in "conspiracy theorist". You see, if I'm quoting the bible or quoting the government, of course I'd use them as sources, what else would I use?

Based on your message, I'd have to say you're probably anti-Semitic, but just because you don't admit it or think you are, doesn't mean you aren't. Anti-Semitic blood. Thinking jews control the world or that someone being Jewish means they're somehow less trustworthy or up to something is anti-Semitism.

Also, why did you bother messaging me if I'm just some kike up to no good?