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Hate Mail - Zeitgeist

Sender: Alexandre Allegro de Magalhaes <>
Subject: Zeitgeist
Type: Regular
Added: Oct 29, 2010
Sent to: Edward L Winston

I really enjoy reading your bullshit! "zeitgeist III will not brig new millions" bla bla..why do u care??Why worrying so much about Zeitgeist? If you believe in this society, fine for you....but we dont care about you, and we WILL change the world!not by violence...we are not going to change old people like you...we are changing the new people, and they will think and view the world differente than you old-fashioned idiots....we wont use violence to change you...we´ll just way you die in silence and leave this beautiful earth to the people who love it and care for it!

thanks, and die in peace old-lost non-believer. enjoy your last days in this sick society!
have fun ;)

You don't care about me? Are you sure? You spent the time to message me to tell me. I think you have some insecurities you may need to work through. As for caring about this society, you clearly have not read my site at all, because you would have noticed I do support The Venus Project and I really dislike how society is run.

Nice research on your side Alexandre; you're so smart, you'll change the world yet! I love how you TZM fan-boys think I'm some Republican that loves how the world is run. I should know better by now, you're all too retarded to even read what your own peers say that make you look stupid to everyone else, so why should I think you'd read something on my site before messaging me to try to one-up me.

God you're hilariously stupid, and you are your own worst enemy.

Having fun,

No, see you've misinterpeted what I meant. I meant that these SECULARIST, STATIST, LIBERALS & COPORATE ELITES have took over are country with their garbage politics. Let me explain by the points I made in the last email.
1. We've got some radical socialist statist Obama in office running this country into the poor house.

2.our children (including Every One's children) are being dumbed down daily due to over saturated hypersexlized secularism and in result the pregnancy rate is out of control in this country and people turning to drugs and becoming sheep. See things like Justin Biber etc. forcing young women and girls to be distracted from the REAL things that matter.

3.We're feeding these children false fantasies that going to college= a successful life, when you and I both know that it's not the case anymore. Then they come out all brainwashed believing and quoting non-stop anything their college professors tell them.

4.They're feeding are women and young women feminism this lie, that's breaking up families and promoting violence and misanthropy. they want abortion, the killing of a human being that's not even born yet,

That is the point I meant to make in my last email Edward. I also hope you and your followers (since I asssume you're the leader of the Conspiracy Skeptic Movement, correct?) will tell the people to get out to the polls tommorrow and vote for the right chocies, to vote for liberty and freedom!

God bless you as well Edward, it'll be one hell of a fight, but the global elites are feeling the pressure and things are headed towards a complete 180.

This is one liberal Democrat that regrets his vote.
If you have time to read my sign, trying reading some legislation.
Fiscally Conservative and Fabulous
The More We Make, The More They Take
The only person ENTITLED to my money is my wife!
King George at least READ his tax bills!
My family lives on a budget, so should Uncle Sam!
Never send a community organizer to do a President’s job
Don’t Tax Me Bro!
Next Time, Read The Bill
I Liked My Uncle Sam Better Than My Big Brother
Citizens Not Subjects
It’s the Spending Stupid!
Stop the Sky High Spending!
Change Is All We Have Left
We Came Unarmed … This Time
America’s Voters Have Come Home To Roost
Even as a Democrat, this is more change than I thought I was voting for
We The People Will Vote 2010

Our Tax Code Is A Man-Made Disaster
— Neal Boortz

[ I wasn't sure what the hell to make of this madness, so I just didn't respond at all. ]