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Hate Mail


Hate Mail - Why don't you use a spell checker?

Sender: Dave Brett Wasser <>
Subject: Why don't you use a spell checker?
Type: Corrections
Added: Nov 30, 2010
Sent to: Edward L Winston

I really like the way your site debunks conspiracy theories.
But your site has less credibility than it should because
you don't bother to check your spelling. For example: "but incase they decide to return or incase someone does not know better, we decided to create a series of articles on 9/11."

"In case" is two words, not one.

Don't you know that?

Funy u asc.

Dave, your emails have less credibility than they should because you're so condescending. Most people don't notice errors like that, and even if they do, they don't get bent out of shape about it -- that's obvious, because rarely do people report spelling errors in my articles, and if they do, they're nice about it. I've seen minor errors in published books, it doesn't mean I wrote the author in disgust. Why would I want myself to look like such a douche bag?

You're blaming the messenger. I'm not the problem.
The problem is that you don't use a spell checker.
There are lots of spelling errors on your site.

Why don't you learn how to use a spell checker?

I do use a spell checker, I guess Microsoft Word doesn't have one? Oh no, I miss a few here and there, it's the end of the world. Why don't you learn not to be such a colossal fucking douche bag? I'm sitting here in awe at how high up you are on that horse, it's just hilariously stupid. News flash Dave: it's just a fucking web site run by an asshole.