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Hate Mail


Hate Mail - Edward L Winston

Sender: Paul Senrick <>
Subject: Edward L Winston
Type: Corrections
Added: Dec 01, 2010
Sent to: Edward L Winston

I just came across your article titled "Denver International Airport" and I have to say you do not have the right facts. I work for a very large company who supplied items for the construction of DIA. We had to sell equipment which was rented to these contractors because it simply could not be recovered. The equipment was craned four stories down and once the structures were built, it could not be brought back out. Our mechanics worked on equipment in these huge underground structures for months as the project went from phase to phase. So, I am surprised your so quick to say this is not true. You don't have the facts!

Yeah, your word means fuck all to me, I need some actual documented evidence, not just you saying "Hey, you don't know me, but trust me, I worked for an unnamed company which confirms this aspect of the conspiracy theory, therefore you're wrong, and the conspiracy theorists are right!" Give me a break.

So you now need to swear. If I told you corn needs water to grow you would probably argue it does not. I know the truth about this subject because it's true. I have nothing to lie about. Just except the fact that your Wrong and stop acting like a baby. Guess what, 2 + 2 does equal four.

Sorry, I didn't know you couldn't handle a cuss word. I thought we were both grown men capable of handling the real world, I should have known better when you tried to convince me of a massive underground complex below the DIA.

No, actually I come from the knowledge that to swear is wrong. Again, your wrong. And remember me when I say we are on the same path that led to Hitlers Germany when your enslaved.

Yeah, yeah, been hearing it since 1983, don't care.

I already know that. Tell me something I don't know.

You're about to be famous.

I'm glad your so fond of me. And by the way, You will probably define this as " hate speech".

lol, you must be one of those Tea Party retards or at least someone who pines over anti-liberalism. Hate speech would be calling me a nigger or something.

Get your facts right. Again your wrong. I am just going by the articles on your web page you have labeled hate speech. Remember, your hate speech section.

You're actually confusing hate mail with hate speech? You're just dicking with me right, you aren't that stupid are you?

I'm glad to see you got one thing right during this conversation!

Yeah, because I'm the guy who was asking an anonymous person to blindly trust me that 1) I worked at an unnamed location doing an unnamed job and know underground equipment was used 2) That said underground equipment couldn't have possibly been used for the various tunnels for the trains and so forth, but instead something more... sinister.

Your really beginning to show great ignorance. Scissor lifts and electric booms were among some of the items used. I never said tunnels. I said underground structures which means rooms, hallways, and large open areas. If you knew anything about construction equipment, which you obviously do not, you would know such equipment is used. And why are you so fixated on who I work for? It's none of your business.

No, you didn't say tunnels, I did. You see I was explaining in a mocking way that "it couldn't possibly be tunnels" implying that I believe it was indeed tunnels, but it implies you think it was something else. How do you know I don't know anything about construction equipment? We haven't discussed it at all, you only mentioned working for some company. And I'm sorry I'm fixated on the entire base for your evidence.

You want me to blindly trust you on your word, and I don't even know you, and you won't even provide the slightest shred of proof, like which company it was that rented said equipment. You're a horrible liar, that's your problem. You should have at least Googled around and found out which companies worked on DIA then claim you worked for them. How lame are you?

Who is the ignorant one here? The guy who wants someone to blindly believe him and actually thinks they will, or the guy who's simply asking for even the slightest, tiniest shred of minuscule evidence but the opposing party won't provide it, instead gets defensive that I'd even ask.

Why would I be lying. I could care less if you believe me or not. I work for the second largest rental company in the nation. You continue to say I am lying. Then how would I know make and models of almost every peace of construction equipment. And I don't Google for information to feed back to an obviously ignorant person.

You don't care what I think yet you email me some vague story. I call you on your bullshit and ask obvious quest ions and your best come back is calling me ignorant over and over. I hope you don't lie to the kids you pastor like this. Or do you just call them ignorant if they ask you think? You're like Michael Jackson - "that's ignorant. You're ignorant."

Also, this isn't a test of your knowledge of construction equipment, I simply asked you for proof. So far you've given me:

1) Claiming you work for "some company"
2) Finally saying it's the second largest
3) You know tons of makes and models

None of this proves anything at all, maybe one of your kids would believe it, but no one else. Science isn't the Bible, Dave.