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Hate Mail


Hate Mail - Hm....

Sender: Tobiah Goss <>
Subject: Hm....
Type: Corrections
Added: Mar 20, 2011
Sent to: Edward L Winston

Your idea of 'references' is laughable at best. At least a third of your 'footnotes' are dead links, good ol error 404 pages and the like. For the ones that aren't, many are government links (kinda not a wise idea to debunk something that is going against government made claims with those exact claims), op/ed pieces (definitely NOT a legitimate reference source), and newspapers and magazines. Also, not exactly legit for making reference to if you want any credibility whatsoever. Sure, Alex Jones is a bit of a nutter, and the Zeitgeist movies are a bit out there, but your counter claims are just as absurd, and in many cases, even weaker.

Dear Tobiah,

Your idea of an 'email' is laughable at best. I really appreciate that you spent the time actually pointing out my inaccurate sources instead of just telling me that oh-so-many were bad. It's funny when people do that, it's sort of a great way to avoid being wrong, by actually not pointing out anything at all.

It's not like web pages come and go. Luckily for me I have all the extra time to constantly go through hundreds of web sources on a daily basis in order to make sure that they're still there. Helpful people like yourself often tell me which ones are gone, maybe even using pseudotechy jargon like HTTP error message like "404" instead of just "gone." Maybe you should have checked the jargon file before emailing me, so you could fill it up with more elite speak, Zero Cool.

But I digress. What was I saying? Oh yeah, thanks a lot for all of the help and insight into fixing any errors on my site. Plus also, thanks for checking out my FAQ which talks about exactly what you mention. Why in the world would I use a government source if someone makes a claim about the government? Hmm, that's a mystery. Perhaps because they used the exact same source and claim it says something completely different?

You're a smart guy Tobiah, you figure it out. Hey, here's a suggestion, next time send me an email pointing out spelling errors, that'll definitely make you feel smart!

Thanks again for all the help,