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Hate Mail - Money From Nothing

Sender: Roman Bilewicz <>
Subject: Money From Nothing
Type: Regular
Added: Mar 20, 2011
Sent to: Edward L Winston

Wanted to share my latest video, Money From Nothing:

Feel free to share, link or embed ...

Thanks for your time,

-Roman Be

That's just really crappy

My apologies...

When I saw the word "Science" next to conspiracy, I assumed your website was involved in investigating and scrutinizing possible conspiracies...

I hadn't realized that it was actually involved in knee-jerkingly rediculing and shooting down any form of perception or observation that actually requires deeper thought than presented in the average mainstream news program...

Good luck to you in the continued "enlightened" work that you do...

-Roman Be

Not at all, you've got the wrong idea. We're involved with the science of accepting worthless fiat currency in exchange for lying on the Internet.

I "Get" it, but I don't get it... I guess to each his own, and whatever turns you on...

I'm definitely really turned on right now. If only Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, et al would consider giving some of their millions of worthless fiat currency away, after all it's from nothing and is worthless paper, so why keep it?