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Hate Mail - conspiracy science

Sender: Carter White <>
Subject: conspiracy science
Type: Regular
Added: Feb 02, 2010
Sent to: Edward L Winston

you know i was looking over your false web site which in fact has many inaccuracy's which your claiming zeitgeist has but you still have enough is that you didn't debunk anything about the part on religion that shows how the christens plagiarized the Egyptian religion so if i ever see u i'll slater u. i also noticed that you didn't conclude anything about zeitgeist addum and you didn't debunk anything on the venus project

Yes, 88 base sources for Zeitgeist Part I is debunking "nothing", interestingly more people seem to think I debunk something other than nothing. I guess all that text in the article is just random letters that appear to be words. Perhaps you should look more into Zoroastrianism, which far more like Christianity than Egyptian Mythology, but I doubt there's a YouTube video for it, so you'll probably never look into it.

Man, it really scares me that you're going to "slater" me; I guess I better worry, though, because I've already seen you slaughter English.

I have an entire article for Zeitgeist Addendum where I discuss the Venus Project and everything there in, that's what's under "Addendum" on the left menu.