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Hate Mail


Hate Mail - A shame

Sender: Alasdair Morgan <>
Subject: A shame
Type: Corrections
Added: Apr 27, 2011
Sent to: Edward L Winston


I was very interested to come across your web site today, but found
that your articles are full of logical fallacies, or implied logic
that doesn't necessarily exist. Unfortunately this discredits what
would otherwise be well-written articles.




I was very interested to come across your email today, but found that it's full of random claims without a single piece of evidence to back it up. Unfortunately, it's pretty common for conspiracy theorist retards to send me emails saying that I'm wrong, but conveniently never actually telling me what I'm wrong about. This discredits what would otherwise be well-written emails.


Ha ha. Good come back. Maybe when I have a moment I'll let you know
what I was talking about.

BTW, why be so emotional in your reply? I wasn't trying to be
facetious or anything else. I was just surprised that some of your
arguments lacked logic or implied conclusions that don't necessarily
exist. If you're going to discredit others lack of logic, then you
should at least make sure there are no holes in your own logic.

Incidentally, in your message below, you assume I'm a conspiracy
theorist and accuse me of being a retard without a shred of evidence
to support your claims.

I'll be waiting with bells on. I'll care what you have to say about my "logic" when you actually point out something, instead of just reiterating that I'm wrong without proving it at all. So are you not a conspiracy theorist then? What would you say happened on 9/11? Or is it fractional reserve banking you're going to one up me on? Perhaps something else.

Further more, why do you conspiracy theorists assume everyone gets all emotional when they talk to you? Is it because you rage like crazy when people disagree with you? I get tons of emails like yours constantly, and the great thing is the guys who start conversations by basically saying "you're wrong, so there!" never can explain how I am wrong.

Sorry that I offended your conspiracy religion, but that's the way it is. People on the Internet may disagree with you, you don't need to feel so insecure as to email them how you feel.

So, don't even bother responding unless you tell me what you think happened on 9/11 or what it is you think I'm wrong about. I have a feeling you might anyway, though.

How old are you? I get the sense that you feel you're intellectually
superior to others, so a teenager perhaps? Mature people understand
that the world is not black and white, and that people have all kinds
of opinions.

Anyway, I have no particular interest in 9/11 or fractional reserve
banking. Are these particularly important topics in your world?

It's a waste of time for either of us to continue our 'dialog'. No
point in trying to have a conversation with a guy who apparently think
he's mentally superior to others.

(I'm guessing that when you read this you'll think something to the
effect of, "This guy's just another asshole conspiracy theorist
retard", and won't even bother examining your own belief system for a
second. Your thinking is as limited as the conspiracy theorists you so
despise, but of course you'll try and convince yourself otherwise.)

No, I'm not a teenager, I just act like one.

Look, let me hip you to something:

1) I get countless emails like yours from people saying "your articles debunk nothing", "your articles are full of logical fallacies", etc. The one thing these people have in common with you: they never actually point out where I'm wrong, at all.

2) When you email someone and act all high and mighty -- and yes when you tell them they're completely wrong and offer no proof to back it up, that is high and mighty -- don't expect them to be polite to you in return.

I don't need to think I'm "mentally superior" to anyone, because you've offered nothing, zero, zip, nada to prove I'm wrong in any of your emails despite the fact I've asked you repeatedly. How can I not feel like you're full of shit?

I'm glad you finally showed me how limited my thinking was. To think this entire time I could also go around telling people "you're full of logical fallacies" and offer no evidence. Man, that'd really make me look smart. If they question me, I have a back up plan: I turn it around on them and tell them it is _they_ who are limited in thinking. Hah! It's a flawless plan, and it gives me a great unwarranted sense of self-importance, no wonder I can't stop emailing my opinions to people who just don't give a shit about them.

[ I never got a reply or any examples of what I was wrong about, I just am. I waited 18 days for him to finally reply before posting this. ]