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Hate Mail - Zeitgeist & Modern Money Mechanics

Sender: Tom Vermeulen <>
Subject: Zeitgeist & Modern Money Mechanics
Type: Corrections
Added: Apr 27, 2011
Sent to: Edward L Winston

Hi, while reading your "debunking" of Zeitgeist Addendum, I came across the part about "Modern Money Mechanics".

"It was hard to find direct proof this publication existed" ; "While this is technically hearsay and self-sourcing" ; "Ask Don Wagener about the document"

You make it sound like it was hard to find proof. Let me help you:

You use the same tactics as the proclaimed "Conspiracy theorists" use, yet you feel morally superior.
If you want to debunk or disprove something, please do it correctly.


Uh, I wrote that article before it was uploaded to Let me do a little foot work for you.

My article was published August 16th, 2009
Modern Money Mechanics was posted August 24th, 2009

I don't have a time machine, and logically since Modern Money Mechanics was at the beginning of the movie, and it takes me about a month to completely review movies in my spare time, I couldn't have seen the source before it was posted.

Keep up the good work, great way to undebunk all my stuff by pointing out something, and being completely wrong at the same time.

lol, dingus.